Thursday, September 13, 2012

photo outtakes

I thought I'd switch it up today and show you some of my photo outtakes from the past six months. It's easy to assume that experienced bloggers, article writers, Etsy sellers, etc. all take gorgeous, high quality photos all the time because typically that is what they post. What do you don't see is all of the rejected photos that never make it online. Here are just a few examples.

I know that all of you who take photos of your pets have some shots like these. I've spent most of my time the past few years photographing things that don't move and don't have the know how at this point to avoid getting a fair amount of these shots.

Sometimes the macro just doesn't work out the way that you expect.

I had the same problem with the macro here. This is also a bad angle, and you get a lovely highlight of that thread hanging off the of piece.

This was my first idea for a "gear" prompt in the Scavenger Hunt earlier this year. This shot doesn't work at all.

I was trying to capture the marbles for a "marble" prompt. I ended up using a completely different subject later in the week. This is kind of an interesting shot of the sticks, but the marbles are completely lost.

I was trying to get a candid shot of Jake recording our scores while we were playing miniature golf in the Dells last month. He looked up at the last second, though. This is just a weird facial expression.

I have a whole bunch of shots from the duck boat ride in the Dells that look like this. In this case, the objects weren't moving, but I was.

Do you remember the playground equipment shot? I was trying to get a similar shot to play around with those effects again, but this one didn't work out as well.

I'm not crazy about the green with the gray, but the bigger problem is the macro. Sometimes the close up product photography shots don't work out the way you expect.

What do you have trouble photographing?

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  1. I have trouble photographing anything. I'm awful. I let hubby do all the photography.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I have tried a few of these shots, to get a different effect, and they didn't work out. I never thought of sharing them!

  3. That was fun to see. The other day I tried painting a zebra finch and it turned out TERRIBLY. I called my husband in to see it just because it looked so bad. After I painted over it, I realized I should have taken a picture to show that sometimes I have project fails.

  4. I think I have more outtakes of Harley than I do good shots...LOL :) And I agree, macro can be tricky! I never seem to get the shot on the first try!

  5. I enjoy seeing outtakes and realizing I'm not the only one who has photo fails! I have plenty of moving kitty photos. Isabella hardly moves at all until I push the button on the camera and then it seems she always moves her head at that time. I also have lots of macro shots with the same issues you had. Can you imagine the days before digital photography and not seeing the results until they came back from the developer?

  6. A lot of my review posts end up with pets in them. ;) I think for every picture I post, I end up with about 10 I can't use. lol Macro shots can be my enemy sometimes too.

  7. omg, I take a 100 pictures just to get a handful of good ones. "Back in the day" I'd spend so much money developing film, hoping to get 1 or 2 good shots to use. Thank goodness for digital!

    The thing I have the most trouble photographing is - blue and purple colors. For some reason, the color doesn't translate well for me. Or it could be my pc screen ....

  8. I like the playground shot, with the holes from the equipment. But I hate when I'm taking a portrait, and the person looks away. I noticed in Italy, I had a lot of pics of people's rear-ends, and not faces. Oh well... Cute post! {:-D

  9. Yep - I have a few bazillion that look a lot like this! Especially of eldest grandgirl who likes to wait until the last minute and then make a funny face - lol - she does it on purpose, too.

  10. I have plenty of outtakes as well - usually it has something to do with bad lighting. I'm not one to take millions of shots - I like when I get it right after three tries max!


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