Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Voting for the September EBW Challenge

Voting is up and running for the September EBW Challenge A Lunar Obsession!  Voting takes place on the EBW blog through September 15.  If you can't see all of the entries, head over here.  The mosaic is clickable.  Please check out all of the entries and vote for your favorite.

I've been focusing on a lot of different projects this past month, and participating in this challenge didn't even make my radar. It wasn't for a lack of inspiration or anything because this is an awesome theme. I'm hoping to get back in the game and participate in at least one or two more in 2012. For now, here are some of my favorite lunar entries. As always, there are so many stunning pieces.

BLUE MOON, You saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own.... by ArtMasquerading

Bella Luna Lyric Cuff by thistledew4u

Princess Luna Necklace EBWC by jess2bead

Eclipse Bracelet and Ring EBWC by DebgerDesigns

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  1. Of course all of the pieces are stunning, but I love the scarflet which is a little different from the rest!

  2. These pieces are always amazing! I love the Bella Luna Cuff and the Eclipse Ring!

  3. That Bella Luna cuff is most impressive!

  4. I'm always amazed by how talented people are! These pieces are gorgeous!

  5. so much detail in the Bella Luna cuff. Fabulous

  6. I love cuffs (as you know {:-D) and the one you featured is exquisite! Going over to look and vote! {:-D

  7. Wow, so many gorgeous designs! I love seeing how many different directions artisans can take one theme :)

  8. Holy Shmokes, this is one of the best set of entries for a challenge I've seen! Lovely cuff.


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