Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Feature: fall leaves

Thanks so much to everyone who linked up with me this past week for my Friday Feature link up!  Here are just a few of the great finds that were featured.  Click on the photos to check out the item listings, blog posts, etc.

I had to put together one more fall leaf feature this year. Enjoy!

Red Fall Leaves - Concrete Steps - Autumn Foliage - Fine Art Photography - 8x10 by 

Red Stained Glass Fall Autumn Maple Leaf by CoastlineCrafter

Fall Gift Tags - Red Maple Leaf by CreationsbyDG

Fall Rustic Wedding Fall Leaf Boutonnieres 'Autumn Fire' by emsdesertrose

Bright red leaves photography woodland, rustic decor, Canadian forest, cranberry, maple tree nature, crimson ruby red fall art - Two 8x10 by bomobob

Vintage HAZEL ATLAS Red Maple Leaf Cereal Bowl & Child's Milk Mug - Kiddie Ware - 40s/50s by DayStarTreasures

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  1. Red fall leaves are always my favorite! They stand out so beautifully against the browns and yellows.

  2. Great feature! I love the photo of the red leaves on the steps - so beautiful. The tags are cute too!

  3. I love that cereal bowl and mug. That's adorable.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  4. Such pretty leafy finds Rose! I really like the photos of the red leaves. Lovely!

  5. Lovely! I thought of you (and included you as you saw) today while making my fall leaf treasury!

  6. Beautiful red leaves! We have so few trees that turn red so it's always nice to see them on Etsy!

  7. very nice features. That picture with the red leaves on the steps is awesome

  8. love all those red leaves! Great photography prints! Miss seeing the maple leaves - we don't have many around here... {:-D

  9. I love leaves, too! What a great grouping you have amassed here! I love the tree quilt!

  10. Great collection, I love all the leaves! The shot of the red leaves on the stairs is very cool.
    Everyday Inspired


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