Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Top Commenters and November News

Happy November! Is anyone else missing Entrecard? While I don't really miss the network, I am struggling to pick up all of the blogs that I visited through the site every day and am missing some of those people. Those of you who are still stopping by regularly, thank you!

Is anyone else getting excited for Christmas? Now that I'm packing up my Halloween decorations, I'm excited to start brainstorming Christmas decor ideas.

If you're new to this blog, you can check out my Top Commenters widget on the right side of my blog.  It's under my blog roll.  I will feature an item or give a shout out to everyone on that list in this monthly post.  I really appreciate those of you who take the time to leave me feedback!
Thanks to Ann of Ann's Snap Edit Scrap, Sandee of Comedy Plus, and Jamie of Crafter on a Budget for stopping by and commenting regularly!  Here are some lovely items from the ladies on my list who have Etsy shops.

1) Handwrapped paper pumpkin beads by storybeader
2) Tiger Striped Polymer Clay and Black Onyx Leverback Antiqued Brass Earrings - In the Wild by BeadedTail
3) Shabby Chic Decorative Red Gingham, Polka Dot, Floral Hanging Hearts by PeriDotbyDuni
4) Wooden Earrings - Leaves by memoriesforlifesb
5) Copper Pendant Necklace Hardware on Leather Cord by additionsstyle
6) Fotia - Beaded Bead Necklace by ThreeFatesDesign
7) Redhead ACEO Female Portrait ATC Original Art Card Illustration by GoodnightOwlArt

Blog Sponsors and November Advertising:
I have an awesome round up of blog sponsors!  These lovely ladies all have Etsy shops and/or blogs.  Check them out on the left hand side of my blog under "Private Sponsors."

Would you like to join them?  It's only $3 per month or $10 for 4 months to advertise with me.  Check out all of the details about it right here.

Holiday Sale
I will be running my standard holiday sale on Etsy during November and December with 15% off lots of red and green items, 25% off Christmas items, and free shipping on all sale items. I'll also be circulating lots of free shipping codes. You can save yours right now: FREESHIP. Anyone who finds a code can use it in my shop any time during November and December. I am just getting the sale up and running but will have more info about it as it develops.

Bring It On November!
  • I have had growing HubPages traffic the past month, largely due to my holiday articles. October was the best month of earnings that I've had since March 2012. I'm confident that November will be just as good if not better. I published 10 there during October and am planning to publish just as many this month.
  • I had my best client writing earnings to date during October, largely because of a couple prominent clients. I don't know if I'll beat those earnings this month, particularly as there will be a lull in jobs during Thanksgiving week, which is okay. I've reached an earnings mark that I'm pretty satisfied with and can keep building from there.
  • The first three weekends in November will be pretty busy with shows. If you're in the Milwaukee area, please consider attending one of them. Aside from Thanksgiving, we don't have any big social plans yet, but I know that we'll work in some fun things around the shows.
  • Last year I got so busy with my holiday shows that I got stressed about my personal gift giving and card sending. I'm determined to find a better balance this year. I love Christmas and want to keep it fun.
What's going on with your business and/or blog for November?


  1. So happy your writing assignments are going so well, Rose! Wishing you continued success!
    And thanks for featuring my heart trio :)

  2. I really do not miss Entrecard! But like you, I am still picking up blogs. It was rotten of them to disappear like that without warning. I am glad I remembered your blog right away!

  3. I guess you are relisting lots of your shop items, to push the sales. Nice that you have so many Christmas items already. I'll have to look if I have some inactive Christmas items. And start concentrating on red and green. And blue, for Chanukah! Congrats. on your HubPages; that's so neat! {:-D

  4. Thanks for the shout-out. Very much appreciated.

    I don't miss Entrecard. It sucked up all my time. I did 600 drops everyday for my two blogs and that took a lot of time. When we were gone it was stressful if I couldn't do my drops. If something comes along similar to Entrecard I'll try to resist joining, because I know what a time waster it is. I did meet lost of folks though and you are one of those.

    I'm in Thanksgiving mode already and that means right after Thanksgiving I'll be decorating for Christmas. I love Christmas.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. Congrats on all the writing success! I'm so glad to hear your earnings are growing too!
    Good luck with your upcoming shows!
    And thanks for featuring my earrings :)

  6. Congrats on all the writing success, and hopefully more this month. That's awesome. And good luck with the holiday sale, I've started listing ornaments again. Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated.

  7. Congrats on all your writing projects and meeting your goals. I hope you have very successful shows this season, and lots sales in your Etsy shop. Thanks for including my necklace in your commenters round up.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. I sure wish I lived closer to Milwaukee.. I never hear of any craft shows around here. Maybe I need to do a search and see what I can find. You mentioned Christmas.. I am excited as well! Can't wait to see all the neat Christmas stuff around the net :) Speaking of, the bracelet with the buttons and bells is precious!

  9. I don't miss Entrecard at all. It was far too much work but I did find a lot of great blogs through there. Thanks for the mention

  10. I'm glad for the extra time left over without doing Entrecard but I lost a lot of blog contacts since I didn't mark them for some reason. Congrats on your writing success! Good luck with your Christmas sale!

  11. I'll be working on holiday products for my big show in December, and trying to recover from the nightmare that was October. Awful sales! Here's hoping I get back in my groove.

  12. Congratulations on your writing success!
    I'm very much hoping Christmas is fun for me this years. It's been rather stressful for many years now. (a big reason why I've opted to do no craft shows this season.)


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