Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Voting for the November EBW Challenge

I'll be honest: I have been torn about promoting this challenge and future EBW challenges all month. I have a very minor leadership role on the team and get to participate in the discussions about moderating entries. Lately this has nearly set me over the edge. I don't know if people get some sort of power trip out of denying entries in a beading contest through Etsy or criticizing people who did win whose entries "stretched" the theme, but I sure don't. Most people on the team don't even participate in the voting process, let alone promoting the challenge for the sake of the team. I'm hanging in there for the remainder of 2012, but I think that my patience will be gone by 2013. This saddens me because the team has been a huge asset for my beadwork since I got serious about my beading in 2008, and there are a lot of talented people there. But I think that my priorities are better spent elsewhere.

With that being said, there are still many gorgeous entries for the November theme, Circles and Squares. With all of the drama going on this month and the crazy limitations that got set within this theme, I wasn't very inspired to create anything myself even though I'm a huge fan of geometric shapes.

Voting takes place on the EBW blog through November 15. Please check out all of the entries and vote for your favorite. If you can't see the clickable mosaic, click here.

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces for this challenge.

Retro chunky rainbow geometric bead embroidered statement bracelet by MoonsafariBeads

Cowboy Geometry Necklace by thistledew4u

Circles and Squares Geometric Modern Beaded Bracelet in Red White and Black by MegansBeadedDesigns


  1. Those are some amazing pieces!
    If I ever notice any bad vibes spreading in the teams I'm currently in I will leave.

  2. It's a shame about your team. I do understand though. If it's not productive and fun anymore it's time to move on.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. That's too bad about the team. Negativity gets old fast!
    But these pieces are beautiful! I voted yesterday (after I made sure you didn't submit a piece :) )

  4. your picks are beautiful, as always. It's too bad that some members are going over the edge. But that happens - I've seen it before. I will vote and may vote in the future, if I happen by the EBW site. {:-D

  5. Wow, I am glad to be out of the loop on that end. I guess since the group is open to all skill levels I thought the only real limitation was the deadline. It has been a real confidence booster for me just entering my beadwork among some really cool pieces.

  6. Beautiful pieces. Sorry about the team vibes.

  7. That's too bad about the negativity going on in that team. I don't blame you for wanting to get out of that situation but maybe it'll get better. Those pieces are gorgeous!

  8. I'm sorry, too, about the bad vibes you've been feeling with regard to the bead team. On a positive note, one of your favorite pieces is also one of mine: love that MoonsafariBeads bracelet! Gorgeous!

  9. These are beautiful entries! Ugh, that's so disappointing to hear about Rose! I think we are spoiled on the BBA team- a collection of women so interested in building friendships and building one another up. I know how rare this is though, and know that this team emerged as a branch off of another one gone wrong. It's sad that this kind of thing tends to happen frequently with such groups, but you know, you really can't push it. It is what it is and I'm proud of your for standing up and moving on!


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