Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Color Combination Inspiration, Round 2

Welcome to another edition of color combination inspiration!  I hope that you're able to find something here that sparks a new idea of some sort for your creative endeavors.  As always, I've done my best to mix up the subjects that I feature.  You can pull color combinations from any source for literally any type of creative project.  Click on the photos to visit the original sources.  Enjoy!

First, let's bring on some turquoise and brown!

White / Gray repeat from Duni

Brown / Red from Elise

Brown / Green from Elise
Black / Gold from Paige
Monochromatic Gray from Ann

Monochromatic Green from Ann

 Coral / Gray from Sharla

Purple / Gray from Edi

Let's keep it going!
What color combinations are you loving right now?  Have you experimented with any new color combinations recently?

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  1. Great combos today! One of my favorites in winter might seeem odd, but Edi's reminded me of it- I love pairing a really saturated Navy with black.

  2. Gray seems to be a favourite :) Thanks for the link love :)
    In fashion I've seen some lovely charcoal/purple/chartreuse combinations!

  3. Love the turquoise and brown, and the coral and grey. Wow. Okay all of them are great.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. I like the gray combos. Haven't experimented with gray, except for a quilt that I made for my oldest granddaughter. I need to try these combos again.

  5. I did a necklace with gray and purple Mother of Pearl. These choices are great!

  6. I love red, so I'm inclined to pair red with gray or black in clothing. I also think that deep blue with silvery gray or a rusty brown can be striking.

  7. Love that outfit for the brown and red color combo!
    I'm working on a fun little boy album in red, green, blue and yellow right now...great colors.

  8. Great combinations. I'm really loving that outfit in the brown/red picture.
    From now until next spring the most dominant color combination around here is going to be brown and white

  9. I love the brown and red and now want a red bag! I'm still loving the turquoise and brown too. The only color combination I can think of right now is either black, red and yellow for Mickey Mouse or blue and green for the sky and trees mainly since I haven't seen blue sky in awhile now.

  10. I love all of these colors! Especially the gray and white graphic and the wedding photo. I love how the coral pops with the green.

  11. I love the way the clothing and accessories lay on the page! Brown looks great with so many other colors! {:-D

  12. Very pretty! Love the necklace =)

  13. I love the brown/red and purple/gray combos. The black/gold reminds me of my middle school (those were our colors), and I so would've worn a cool scarf like that for spirit week. LOL

  14. I love all the color combinations! They excite me in different ways. Isn't it amazing how color can make you feel?!

  15. Oh, coral and gray! That's gorgeous. I'm taking a color rendering class next semester and I'm excited to learn more about the theories that go with them.

  16. Pretty! :) Love all the colors and inspiration

  17. Lots of great color combinations, I would have never thought to put coral and gray together but it looks great. My favorite is the turquoise and brown.
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