Tuesday, March 19, 2013

birthday wish list

I think that the biggest thing that I want for my birthday this year is no snow. No snow falling. No more snow on the ground. I know that a whole lot of people are ready for things to look like this outside again.
Unfortunately I don't have any control over that, and a late March birthday can bring pretty much any kind of weather. But it'll be here soon!

Also, for the record, some of you know that all year I've been talking about how I want to do something for this milestone birthday. I have plans in place so presents or not, I really can't complain. I'm also still riding on a high of getting kittens and an SLR for Christmas. But you know, I don't say no to presents either.

There are a couple bigger items that are on my wish list right now. The first is a second SLR lens. I have the 18-55mm lens that came with my Rebel.
It seems like the next lens for people who own Canons is the 55-250mm. For the most part, the reviews are great, and it does seem like a good fit for a lot of the photography that I do. Recently I've also been researching this 28-135mm lens, which is a comparable price and quality and seems like a good fit.  I am completely open to other lenses and would appreciate advice on this topic.

The other big item on my list is a new set of kitchen knives. We have a set that came from a Bed Bath 'n Beyond kitchen kit that Jake got when he started undergrad. It's held up surprisingly well through a whole lot of cooking, but it is way past time to get something much higher quality.
I know even less about this subject than I do about SLR lenses. What kind of knives you have? What do you like? Can you recommend a good brand?

I am really picky about purses. The huge bag trend doesn't help, as I really don't want anything big. I also don't like spending a lot of money on bags. The purse that I've been using for every day is okay, but it's seen better days. I want something that feels more "me"...I just haven't found it yet. This is one of my favorite bags on Etsy right now.

Since I've gotten more serious about my photography, I've been enjoying retro camera items. Most likely I will end up making some sort of wall art or other item myself at some point, but here are just a couple of my favorite camera picks on Etsy.

Of course I never get tired of browsing and lusting after beads. Here are a few great new items from Shannon's shop.

What's on your wish list right now?


  1. My wish list? I still need 17.5 feet of windows "dressed" nicely. My temporary curtains are almost a year old...LOL

  2. We have Zwilling brand knives. I've been using them for 10 years now and they're still in great condition. Of course, I do need to sharpen them once in a while. My "big" wish is business related ;-)

  3. Great wish list! I hope you get one of everything :)
    Wanna hear a funny story about kitchen knives...
    I traded my mini van for our set of kitchen knives! I only wanted $100 for the poor thing as the tranny was going out, but the guy insisted on trading. They were brand new and I looked them up later and they're valued at $350!
    The brand name is Mundial and they're the best knives we've ever owned. It's been almost 10 years and they still work great.

  4. I am with you on the no more snow. It would be really nice if it would warm up a little too :) You got some good things on your list I hope you get everything you want.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. I second you about the snow! We mercifully don't have any on the ground right now, but it's only 25 degrees today and I'm paranoid more will come.

    As for kitchen knives, we got a set from Cutco as a wedding gift. I had been using a couple of the same ones since college, and even those have held up for almost a decade. They're amazing. We'll probably never have to buy anything else.

  6. I have a mix of Wustof and Henkel knives and I love them both! I would highly recommend either brand.

    I once saw a light snow flurry on my birthday and it was like magic! You could literally only see it against the street lights, but it was the coolest thing to me. It's amazing how living in different parts of the country really changes your perspective on things! Here a late March birthday might mean hoping for under 85. I literally cannot imagine what I would do with so much cold and snow.

  7. I would love to be looking out on the scene in the first photo!
    I'm not really a purse person. Generally, my purse is rather small since I don't carry a lot of stuff around.
    Beads are always wonderful!
    Anew camera for me someday would be lovely. Meanwhile I do get some great pictures with my current one.
    When I was a kid I had a Kodak camera similar to the one on the bottom right. I took some great photos.
    Happy almost birthday!

  8. Your kittens sure are a hit! Hehe. I've been wanting another lens. But, we just upgraded our internet (thank god!) and can get wireless now...and the next purchase is a second (and new) laptop and upgrade to smartphones. We have dumbphones, still. LOL...but hey, we do a lot of traveling, so we've done without for awhile. :)

  9. My husband asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday and I could not think of one single thing. Although now that I see your list I have been wanting a different lens for my camera too

  10. Hope all your birthday wishes come true! My hubby won't let me near his knives since I'm too clumsy! I have liked that bag since I first saw it too.

  11. What a great list! hope you have a great birthday, and memorable :) We have a mix of knives as well ...Wustof and Henkel for most of the classic kitchen knives and Williams & Sonoma for our serrated steak knives. all are great!

  12. don't know too much about lenses. And DH is the cook around here, I just use them. But I would second Williams & Sonoma - they have some beautiful kitchenware. And they usually have stores around - there's even one in downtown OKC! I would suggest a set with different sizes, so you can pick and choose what you'll be cutting. My wish list is usually books and art supplies; maybe a new shirt for work. Hope you get everything you're wishing for! {:-D

  13. Great wish list! I hope you get just what you want for your birthday! I'm with you on the wish for no snow! I am so ready to see the trees blooming, the colorful flowers popping up... Instead we have LOTS of snow here! Cold, windy and snowy...

  14. Wonderful list! I love the purse the best! Of course, I wish I had an SLR! It's going on my list!

  15. Wonderful wish list! I'll cross my fingers for the snow one.

  16. I hope you get your camera lens for your birthday. I'll keep watching here to see what surprise you end up with!


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