Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mitchell Park Domes Conservatory revisited

When it snows three inches right before the first official day of spring (covering the several inches of snow still on the ground), you take a little trip to the conservatory. Enough said.

If you have an SLR and you've never tried shooting in black and white, I highly recommend it. It's rare that I take photos without shooting a few in black and white anymore, even just around the house.

This is one of my new favorite compositions. I put together something similar with a railing by a beach this winter.

This is another one of my favorite compositions these days. You can see another example that I did at the zoo.


I did a few Photoshop edits with this set. I have a couple more ideas, but this is what I've put together for now.

My original plan was a turquoise and red color palette (surprise, right?), but my first few attempts were way too harsh so I moved to pink instead.

Once I had the airbrush technique down for the above shot, I gave the red another try. I kept it really light in the background and still let the pink dominate in the flowers. I will figure out how to do a more bold turquoise and red edit at some point that doesn't look ridiculously cartoonish, but I love this result, too.

How are you coping with the extended winter weather this year?


  1. The orchids are spectacular! Thanks for sharing the "warm" pictures!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies

  2. So beautiful! I really like the first photo and the waterfall.

  3. Orchids and bromiliads in winter! Yay! I love it!

  4. I love the pink flower in the 3rd photo! And the white flowers really stand out in your b&w shot!
    Fun photo're really having fun with PS :)

  5. Don't you just want the "conservatory" to exist OUTSIDE and not inside? Hehe. It's 50 degrees here today and all I can think is "I just wanna wear flipflops" haha
    Your photos, however, fabulous as always. I love your "eye" and perspective. :)

  6. It's all so wonderful to look at! Thanks for the view! {:-D

  7. What a beautiful and inspiring place to visit! Very fun to see the gorgeous flowers as none are blooming here yet. Photoshop is such fun!

  8. What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing all of the stunning photos :)

  9. Fabulous photos, Rose! Love the beautiful flora!

  10. Such pretty photos Rose! I like what you did with the pink flowers too!

  11. Amazing photos! Thanks for the trip to the conservatory, Rose.


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