Monday, March 4, 2013

Scavenger Hunt on Monday (3/4/13)

As it's still tough to get outside and take a lot of pictures for the Scavenger Hunt every week, I've contemplated challenging myself to shoot an entire set with my light box. The week's set of prompts were a perfect opportunity to take up this challenge. Enjoy.

1) Red

The first photo is a perfect example of what I would typically do with this shot. I am thrilled that I've developed a successful aesthetic for shots like this that I can produce consistently. However, I decided to challenge myself a little with this particular subject and see what else I could do with it.

The tone here is a little brighter than I'd ultimately like, but I'm proud of myself for experimenting with the sharp factor. I'm sure it's not a surprise that I love blurred backgrounds and softer photos in general, but there is something about the sharp buttons all the way through this photo that I love, too.

2) Orange
I was just having a discussion with a fellow crafter recently about how much we love these little dagger beads. As I was taking this photograph, I kept thinking about a tropical / summer version of my rock garden design.

3) Yellow
This is a retake of one of my classic light box shots, this time with the SLR. You can see the original version here.

4) Green

I love using ribbon for my greeting cards. I have more green shades than almost any other color. How can you not love the zig zag pattern? I have that design in several other colors, too. 

5) Blue

I have...a lot of scissors, but somehow both of my desk pairs (that aren't for fabric / thread cutting) are blue. I've had the darker pair since I started undergrad. They've seen better days, but they're good for rougher paper project jobs (cutting through contact paper, cutting double sided tape, etc.).

Check out Ashley's blog to see what other people submitted for the themes this week. 

I am also submitting one of these pictures for I Heart Macro.
studio waterstone

I know that most people are really sick of snow by now, myself included. Unfortunately we still have a lot of it on the ground. Good thing it's pretty.

Also, I shared this photo on Facebook recently and thought that my readers here would enjoy it as well. This is the first photo that I got with all three of our kitties. I know that Angel doesn't look too thrilled, but she's come a long way already.

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  1. Love the kitty photo! Angel is such a sweetheart, and she's laying fairly close to the new kitties too. Wish I could say the same for ours!
    I totally love the orange dagger bead shot and the one of the measuring tape :)

  2. Laughing historically at the kitten who has pushed himself through the styro! Your pictures with the light box are amazing! Love this week's challenge!

  3. Great crisp and bright!
    But the kitty photo gets my vote :) They all so cute together!

  4. You item/product photos are always so fantastic! I'm still working to get my things looking that bright and crisp.

  5. Hi Grace!

    Thank you for visiting our blog today!
    We came over to say hi and discovered you like to play with macro photography! ...which we love by the way. Really like your narrow depth of field.
    : ) Glogirly

  6. Marvelous light box shots. You are right about it being hard to get outside for photographs. Your shots are so good, I know I will getting out the light box and the sewing basket to try some photos myself.

  7. Excellent shots using your light box. Love "styrofoam kitty" :)

  8. Angel seems to be thinking, "Get me away from those two clowns!"

  9. Crafting definitely gets very colorful. :) And your kitties are cute. Love the one in the middle inside the styro! Haha!

  10. Nice scavenger hunt interpretations!!!

  11. I love those kitty shots. But all of your photos here are wonderful - I love the vibrance and the detail. Awesome work!

  12. Wow, you photos look fantastic! I love how vibrant the colors are and they are really great shots. All your kitties look very cute together.
    Everyday Inspired

  13. Great pics with your light box! also, NOT sick of snow, we don't get enough here! lovely photos, as usual!

  14. Those are great light box photos! We haven't had snow in forever so I'm not sick of it. That photo with the styrofoam with feets makes me giggle!

  15. Great photos! And thanks for sharing your kitty picture, it made me smile!

  16. Love these shots! I wonder... when you use your light box, where do you position it? I have also often wondered if you could take a photo of something sitting on a light box. I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to photography stuff. My best photos happen when I position a light box over and to the side of the subject but I may be doing it all wrong.

  17. Interesting scavenger hunt with color. I love your macro - amazing how the snow is balanced in that tiny space. {:-D


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