Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wedding jewelry reveal

Many of you know that I've been working on the jewelry for my brother's wedding for a couple months now. It took a while for my future sister-in-law and I to figure out what would be a good fit for the wedding / these particular girls / etc. and then about as long for me to narrow down the materials that I needed to order...and then you know, actually make it happen. Because I've had a few things going on lately.

But I had the goal of getting all of the pieces done before the shower this past weekend, and I met it.

This is my piece. Of course I made it first.

It was by far the most expensive and most time consuming, which is largely why it was tough to stay motivated on this project. I wasn't thinking clearly about how the other two bracelets would go much more quickly.

I love it so much, though. All of the hard work paid off.

This bracelet is a version of this piece but with red. I didn't have any of the original materials anymore, and it was a bit of a hunt to find the red druk beads and white squares.

I never would have put these colors together on my own, but they're growing on me.

Normally I don't make my beadwoven pieces adjustable. But I haven't met the other girls who are standing up in the wedding and have no idea how they like to wear their bracelets.

I had never done a leaf bracelet in all white. I had a set of 4 clear, sparkly Swarovski bicones in my stash that were clearly destined for this piece.

I want to make another version to sell, but I'll have to pick up some more bicones because clearly this design needs them.

I don't always think to add a little leaf charm, but I'm so glad when I do remember. It adds such a nice touch.

What's up next?
For the next month, I'll be working on small show inventory (magnets, thumb tacks, etc.) and keeping best selling items stocked. How about you?


  1. These all turned out beautiful! I love the crystals you used for yours as well as the longer length. And adding an adjustable chain to the others is a great idea. The white leaf design reminds me of snow :)

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the bracelets.

  3. Wow, I'm in love with the white/crystal leaf bracelet! Stunning!
    And your cuff is amazing - what an eyecatching piece! The adjustable chain is a great idea!

  4. Beautiful!! I think your white crystal bracelet will be another "best seller." Gorgeous!

  5. Love the white leaf bracelet!! I do like the cream and red attendants bracelets too! But the white one is stunning!!!

  6. Those are gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought of an adjustable chain either but it's very clever!

  7. That leaf charm is a great touch. It's really cool you got to design wedding jewelry! A friend of mine got married today in a pair of cufflinks I made and that was pretty cool.

  8. wow. They are all so pretty! How wonderful that you can contribute to the specialness of your brother's wedding by using your talents in this manner!

  9. the bracelets are all so pretty. I think your first one will be beautiful with a autumn=colored sweater! {:-D

  10. These are so gorgeous. All of the DETAIL you bead weavers put into your work! So are the bridesmaids all wearing the white and red bracelets, while the sparkly leaf motif is for the bride?

  11. They are all lovely bracelets! The white leaf one is stunning -- the leaf charm is a nice touch. It would be a beautiful addition to your shop!

  12. I love what you have done with all of these...and can't believe you have been preparing for a show at the same time!


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