Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's Up for October

That title should really be where is fall going? It's so hard to believe that another month is here already.

Happy October! What's going on this month?
  • I'm doing a lot of writing. At least that seems to be the plan based on how the last few months have been going. I've been scrambling just to find time to keep writing blog posts and new HubPages articles in between all of my client work, which is a good problem. We had a bit of an expensive September with a large unexpected car repair for my car, and extra income is more welcome than ever right now.
  • I'm working on creating inventory for my holiday shows and stocking my Etsy shops. I have a hard time working this far ahead, but I don't want every single day in November to be completely crazy. I'm trying to stay ahead on making multiple quantities of best selling items and keep adding new stock to the Etsy shops. If you haven't already visited my new photography shop, get over there, like the shop on Etsy and share it around to a few of your favorite people who love photography.
  • I'm making the jewelry for the girls in my brother's wedding party. Remember how I shared some of the beads that I bought for my wedding piece? That's exactly as far as I've gotten with this not so little project (again, struggling to work so far ahead). My goal is to have these pieces done by the last weekend in October (again, trying to keep November from being a melt down month).
  • I'm planning my future sister-in-law's Chicago bridal shower. You all know how much I love to host parties, and I'm so excited to be co-hosting THE Chicago shower for my future sister-in-law with my mom. I got my handmade invitations into the mail at the end of September and have already received some RSVPs. I'll be sharing some more shower planning fun during the month.
  • I'm purchasing some new photography equipment and making a fall photography "to do" list. The new photography equipment thing was supposed to be a September "yay, it's fall, and I'm still going to be excited about taking pictures even when it's cold outside" thing. But we were blessed with amazingly beautiful September weather, and I still got outside a lot. I also didn't feel justified buying those sort of things after the big car repair. It will happen before I'm spending time in Chicago this month, though. As far as the "to do" list goes, the summer places to photograph list was a big success so I want to keep that kind of thing going. It may end up being more of a "cold weather" list for fall and winter that I won't use quite yet, which is fine.
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Finally, THANK YOU to everyone who stops by here regularly, reads what I have to say week after week, and leaves me comments either on the blog or elsewhere! Here's to another great month!

What are you up to this October?


  1. I'm not great at planning ahead for the holidays, either. But I need to get that jewelry done ahead of time because I need to send out line sheets! This is my first year doing things this way, and I actually hope I'm getting it done early enough. Guess we'll see! :-)

  2. Good for you for thinking ahead for the fall rush! Sounds like you're staying busy in every area of your business!

  3. Busy, busy, you will be in October! I'm having trouble keeping up with my blog too! Blessings on your time this month!

  4. I had forgotten you were going to be planning the bridal shower. That should be fun. Hope you don't have to worry about it, come November. I have to get some more items made too - that's on my short term goals list. Everyone is busy! {:-D

  5. You are so organized!! The bridal shower and wedding jewelry projects should be fun.

  6. How wonderful you are organizing the bridal shower and making the jewelry for the bride's maids! Looks like October is going to be super busy for you in a good way :)

  7. So busy! I hope the bridal tasks go well! I have been struggling with finding time for HP recently. I don't think I've written a hub since July! Eeek!

  8. The bridal shower sounds fun! Hopefully, you'll share some photos!
    You ARE organized! Good for you in working ahead of the holiday season. I have a hard time doing that.

  9. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Enjoy organizing the bridal shower, and making jewelry.
    Everyday Inspired


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