Tuesday, October 8, 2013

working on fall and winter articles

A few times a year, I like to put out a call for seasonal article ideas. I have had more success with seasonal and holiday articles on HubPages than I have with just about anything else that I've done there. As such, I don't plan to stop writing them any time soon. Since I started writing on HubPages more than two years ago, I've never run out of ideas. However, I also want to know what people are interested in reading and what is trendy right now. I do my best to keep up with the latest crazes, but I'm not always on top of everything. I have gotten some really great suggestions from family and friends over the years that I never would have thought of myself and always want to keep that door open.

I haven't started any new seasonal series this fall, but I've continued a few existing series.

This has been one of my most successful new series the past 9 months or so, and I will be finishing it up in the next couple months with the winter installation.

I have series going for monthly food holidays (example), teaching ideas for random holidays (i.e. National Ice Cream Day) (example), and seasonal cake pops (example). I'd like to continue those series for fall and winter.

Also, I did a series earlier this year about simple slow ingredient recipes (example), which has been done pretty well. I'm looking for more slow cooker article ideas. I put together a slow cooker chicken article this fall and hope to write more in this vain.

Here are a few more examples of my existing fall and winter articles:

What do you want to see for the remainder of the fall and the upcoming winter?
I am primarily interested in ideas relating to teaching/education, photography, crafts, freelance writing, food/cooking, holidays/other seasonal topics, and Milwaukee, but I'm always open to other suggestions. Sometimes I do really well with topics that are completely out of the norm for me, such as Frugal Storage Ideas for Small Homes: Creative, Unique Organization Methods (which I realize is not seasonal, but I don't have a seasonal example).


  1. What a great collection of articles! Wow! How about some for homeschool projects? Or cooking for kiddos? Quite a while ago, I saw an art class for grandparents and grandchildren to make something for mom and dad - that sounded like fun, too. Great ideas - you have created a huge variety. Well done!

  2. you have a lot of ideas there. The only thing I don't see is your beadweaving techniques, if there are special hints that you're willing to tell others. But you might have used up that subject already... {:-D

  3. Congratulations on your success on HubPages! Your seasonal series is a wonderful idea - no wonder so many people read them :)
    Sewing simple tree ornaments is a great project for beginning sewists. I will teach this in my winter holiday sewing class!

  4. You have fall photography shoot ideas - do you have anything on fall photo editing tips? I don't know if that's something you just don't want to get into, but I think fall leaves provide really cool opportunities for creative editing.

  5. I don't think you can ever underestimate the power of a good DIY. Ornaments and garlands are still really popular on the blogs I read, so that could be an idea.

  6. The photo prop/shooting ideas is a great article!
    I've seen a lot of cute acorn projects lately. Maybe an article with all the fun DIY projects you can use acorns for?


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