Thursday, October 31, 2013

X is for Paws Crossed

Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

One of Angel's classic poses for years and years and years has been sit with her paws crossed. As such, I thought that it would not be hard to find a handful of pictures of her in this pose. It took me way longer than I thought. Most of these pictures are over three years old and are not well labeled anywhere online or on my hard drive. But here they are for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy this little blast from the past.

When we were living in Chicago (2006-2007)

In the condo (2007-2011)
Loving the move in process


A few final shots in Milwaukee (2011-2013)

Clearly the boys spend a lot of time watching Angel because it's not uncommon to see this these days.

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  1. So cute! My girls don't lay like that often so it's fun to see Angel with her paws crossed! She's so beautiful!

  2. That is too funny, I love cats and their amazing personalities!

  3. What a smart (and sweet) post! :)

  4. X-tra special cool, and purrfect too!

  5. What fun! Made me laugh to see how she taught the boys, too!

  6. that is so funny! I really have never seen kitties so inclined to cross their paws! {:-D

  7. I love the paws crossed pose! Very cute.

  8. Angel!! She's such a sweet kitty and the crossed paws look adorable!
    Funny last photo too ;-)

  9. Great idea for the letter X♫♪

  10. ha ha! Angel, you are such a cutie! and now even the boys are copying you!

  11. They both look eXtremely comfortable...

    EXcellent post for the letter "X"!

    Thanks for linking.



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