Saturday, August 14, 2010

back in stock, custom order, storm pictures

I updated the listing for my Peyote Cuff Bracelet - Fringed - Turquoise and Red tonight.  It's now back in stock!

I still haven't gotten tired of the turquoise/red color combination.  I really love the turquoise button, too.

I got a request for a custom cuff tonight.  We've been working out the final details for the colors.  This was my preliminary palette.
I may add a pastel aqua shade, but I think that all of current selections will stay.  I'll post more details on this as it develops.

We've had thunderstorms almost every night this past week.  I got a few got pictures of the one last night.  Our town has a photo contest every year.  People can submit their own photos from around town.  The picture that won last time is okay, but I think that I could submit something better.  Unfortunately this first storm picture here that I took earlier this summer was not actually in town, but the second and third ones (in town, from our porch, from yesterday) aren't bad.


  1. I like the turquoise and red color combination too! Congratulations on the custom order!

    Those storm clouds look scary. I am a storm wimp!

  2. Thanks Sharla!

    Yeah, they are scary. I thought that I knew midwest weather having grown up in Chicago and attended undergrad in Indiana, but it's a whole different game in Iowa!

  3. Beautiful bracelet!

    And some startlingly angry skies. Wow. I'm glad I'm not under those clouds, and hope they leave your area quickly!

  4. Thanks Anitra!

    Today the weather has been gorgeous. We're going to have cooler temperatures and less rain the next week. :)

  5. those are some great storm pics!


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