Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new listings, sneak peak, other random happenings

I listed two new items in my Etsy shop tonight.  The first one is Tortoiseshell Cat Button Charm Bracelet.  I think that the name is fitting for these neutral shades.  Some of you may remember that I created a custom bracelet like this for someone I met at the Arts Festival earlier this summer.  I liked the result so much that I decided to create another version to sell.

Also, continuing with my red theme for this week, I finished and listed my newest red earrings: Red Striped Beadwoven Peyote Triangle Earrings.  If anyone missed the red items earlier, these earrings coordinate with this peyote cuff and this peyote triangle pendant.

I finally set up the beads for my next Turquoise and Red Fringed Peyote Cuff Bracelet.  I sold the original last summer!  How has it taken me this long to make my next version of this awesome design?

This version will have more variety in the shades/colors for the cube beads and a little different fringe combination.

Finally, here are a couple other random pictures from this week.
My latest baking project: oatmeal chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies.  It's the Quaker Oats recipe (which I can't find online, believe it or not) with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips instead of raisins.  I also used half whole wheat flour/half white flour.  They're pretty awesome.

I know that this picture is dark, but Jake thought it would be cute to take a picture of Angel in her towel for medicine time.  She was diagnosed with a hypothyroid back in February and has to take a liquid dose of medicine twice a day.  Living up to her name, she's about the most well behaved cat ever when she has to take them.  It's taken some training, but she'll sit like that in the towel with me for a minute after the medicine (before she jumps down to get a treat).


  1. Pretty Tortie bracelet! :D Those cookies look really good! Adorable photo of you and Angel. I didn't know she had to take medicine but glad she's doing well. She seems like such a sweetie pie!

  2. Cookies sure look good! I love the colors for your next creation.

  3. Thanks Sharla and Karen!

    Angel is doing pretty well. It took a few months to get the right dose of medicine and get her levels back to normal. But when I took her in last time in June, things were where they should be. :)

  4. Fun new jewelry! Cute photo of you and your kitty. Sorry she's sick, but glad she's handling it so well!

  5. Wonderful bracelet, adorable kitty and YUM! Cookies! You live a charmed life!

  6. Thanks Kristin and Marsha! Angel's doing about as well as she can be, considering her hypothyroid and her age (14). I generally highlight the positive aspects of the creative side of my life and don't focus on any of the negative/stressful sides, but I do consider myself pretty lucky. :)


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