Friday, August 6, 2010

new listing, back in stock, treasury feature

I listed a new pair of earrings tonight: Red/Blue Button Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings.
I sold a pair like these at the Arts Festival back in June.  I have another similar pair finished and yet another similar pair in the works.  I don't know if I'll have any luck with them on Etsy, but they were a huge hit at the Arts Festival.  I could have sold more if I'd had more available.  If I had pierced ears, I would wear earrings like these.  They're simple, fun, and very lightweight.

I restocked one of my best selling designs yesterday: Purple Shell Beaded Bracelet.  I actually gave the last version to one of my Iowa friends who helped me with the tear down process after the Arts Festival.
There will be matching earrings for it on Etsy at some point.  You can preview them here.  One of my aunts bought the first pair last week, but there is a second pair ready for someone else.  I would like to make a green version of this bracelet with matching earrings eventually, too.  I have the shell beads already.  They're a great subtle olive tone.  I just need to get around to making the bracelet.

Finally, Chris Maj (beadn4fun) included my Sunshine Gold Accented Skinny Peyote Cuff Bracelet in her Over the Rainbow treasury.  16 EBW pieces in all different colors!  I just took new pictures of this cuff this afternoon before I knew about the treasury.  Sometimes timing works out really well. :) I made sure to get a screen shot after I'd updated the listing.
You can view this treasury live by CLICKING HERE.


  1. love those earrings! i've been meaning to tell you that you are very talented. i tried making my own jewelry and was a complete failure. i'll stick to soap making:)

  2. The earrings and bracelet are both great! Congrats on another treasury :)

  3. No wonder that bracelet is such a big seller. Awesome design!

  4. those button earrings are SO cute! congrats on the sale {:-D


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