Saturday, August 28, 2010

DIY bead sorter

I made my own bead sorter this past week.  I use bead soup mixes for a number of my projects where it's best to mix a bunch of colors together and pull from the pile as I work.  But for some of my projects, like the custom striped cuff that I just made, it's easier to keep the beads sorted.  I haven't had anything for the latter kind of projects until now so I've just dumped the beads in together.  Not any more!

I got the cutting board for $5 at Wal-Mart.  The handle makes it very easy to carry around when it's not full of beads.  I got the cups from Bed Bath 'n Beyond for $0.30 each.  I glued them to the cutting board with super glue.  I'm sure that other all-purpose craft glues would work pretty well, too.  So far the board has been great.  The beads don't bounce around in the cups the way they do against a plastic or glass bowl surface.  The cutting board provides a nice slightly textured surface to catch them if they do come out of the cups.  Hopefully this will mean less beads between the sofa cushions!  I'm sure that any of you who also bead in the living room run into this issue haha, especially if you work with a lot of seed beads.


  1. What a clever idea! Your creativity shows in everything you do :)

  2. that's cute too! I don't bead too much off my table. Use the little mat so they won't roll. My biggest problem is light and magnification!

  3. That's a good idea, Deb. When I'm working on a bigger project, I lay my beads out in a padded box. (I lined an Amazon box with fleece.) I'm sure that you've seen it before in some of my pictures. That works pretty well.

    I can see my beads all right without any magnification, but the light can be a problem sometimes, especially in winter.

  4. Well, clever you! And on top of looking like it would work really well, it's Cute!

    (I love the non-bouncy part, too. I tend to have beads lightly sprinkled wherever I work. =oP )

  5. Thank you much Anitra!

    We'll see how much it decreases the number of beads that I get in the sofa and on the floor. I'm hoping that it's at least a little bit. :)

  6. great idea!!! especially the part about the texturey cutting board :)


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