Monday, August 30, 2010

great Etsy day, treasury feature

Do you remember how I finished my custom cuff last week?  The woman who bought it is actually the bride.  She got the cuff today and loved it so much that she decided to order the jewelry for all of her bridesmaids and flower girls (6 girls/women total) from me!  I came back from work to find the order completed.  Two of the bracelets are made to order which works out perfectly because I can custom fit them for the flower girls.

That's the surprise coordinated piece that I created for the bride.  Now that she's seen it, you can all see it, too. :) I'll post more details about that order as I finish the made to order items and get everything ready.  I am even more pysched about her color scheme than I was before.

Also, thanks to Edi's post a while back about Alchemy, I've been bidding on items here and there over the last month.  I won two of my bids from this past week and committed to them today!  I think I've worked out most of the details for both of them now.  I'm waiting for their payments to go through before I do anything else.  Those of you who are bead weavers, if you haven't already seen my posts about pearls in the EBW forums and have any experience with them in relation to bead weaving (particularly RAW), please let me know.  I can complete the bead weaving without any problem.  I just want some advice about my materials before I get started because this is a little bit of a new territory for me.  Thanks!  I'll post more details on those projects, too, as they continue to develop.

Finally, my fellow EBW member Jane-Michael (JaneMichel) included my Beadwoven Bracelet - Button Embellished - Rainbow in her Rainbows treasury.
What an amazing start to the week!  I hope that everyone's week has started off well, too. :)


  1. Congratulations on all your sales! Your work is beautiful so I'm not surprised one bit that she loved the cuff so much to order more! Hope your sales streak continues!

  2. Congrats for the sale!!! :D

  3. Thank you much Sharla and Patch!! :)

  4. WooHoo...Hope the rest of the week is just as awesome!!!
    Congrats on the custom bridal order :) And I'm glad you looked into Alchemy...congrats on those orders as well!

  5. what a great way for the week to start!!! congrats :)

  6. Thank you so much Edi and Theresa! :)


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