Sunday, August 29, 2010

new listing, new treasury

I listed my Peyote Cuff Bracelet - Fringed - Blue Peacock this afternoon.  I still have a handful of older items to list, but I've been so excited about this piece that I didn't want to wait any longer to list it.  So here it is.

I had SO much fun with the dagger beads.  I have done a couple smaller fringed pieces with dagger beads before but never one that's covered like this.  I have a few blue ones left over from this project and a handful of black and white ones, but that's it.  I've thought about doing a smaller black and white one for a while, but now that I've done my full blown blue one, I'd really like to do a full blown neutral one.  There are a few supply sellers on Etsy that have daggers (namely beadsandbabble).  The best supplier that I've found so far for bulk quantities is BEADINPATH.  They have a nice variety, like this gorgeous red set (I know that's not a neutral but they're still awesome).  I haven't bought anything...yet.  We'll see how long I hold out.  I'm still working through all of my planned leafy projects, which will keep me preoccupied for a while longer.

On a different subject, I curated a new treasury last night.  Normally I theme treasuries around specific colors and I include as many team members from EBW and/or EtsyBloggers as possible.  I went for something completely different this time.  Let me know what you think.


  1. That blue bracelet is gorgeous and I really like your new treasury too! Great idea!

  2. The bracelet is stunning!!! You're so talent to combine everything together.. Great treasury too!! :D

  3. Thank you so much Sharla and Patch!!

  4. lovely bracelet; beautiful colors!
    I think the treasury is unique and fun!

  5. Hooray for dagger beads! Love the blue cuff! Great treasury
    Best wishes,


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