Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angel and a treasury

I'm keeping it pretty simple today.

Anyone reading this who has a cat knows that the best bed is sometimes a place that isn't meant to be a bed.

And Jen (walrustusk) included my Silver Chain Links Bracelet - Tubular Peyote Triangle Charm - Olive Green in her My Rambles in Etsy treasury.  Thanks Jen!


  1. Any place is a bed to a cat! No place is off limits! Angel is such a pretty girl and she does look mighty comfy!

    Lovely treasury too!

  2. And why is it that they will sit somewhere and some part of their body just HAS to be touching a "border object". Cracks me up every time. Mine uses me as his "border object" and it just kills my typing!

  3. That's hilarious that your kitty uses you as his border object! (I know, it's not so hilarious when it's happening.) Angel used to do that sometimes when she sat on the couch with us. She doesn't so much these days. She's big on the border object, though. She'll sit on the edge of a blanket, pillow, or piece of clothing that we leave on the floor. :)

  4. I'm house sitting right now for friends that have five cats! One just came up to me and wanted some lovin'! Anyway, they DO sit where ever they want! Sometimes we have to remove them from the chair to be able to sit down!

  5. I have tried to trick my cat into thinking that a bed or blanket I want her to use is something of mine before I leave it in the floor. She still lays on anything else instead.

  6. That is what we cats call "making the bed."


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