Monday, March 28, 2011

working with periwinkle again

Thank you much for all of the birthday wishes yesterday!  I had a bad cold all weekend but otherwise it was a very nice birthday.

I listed a new periwinkle and black piece last night.  It's available here.

I bought the periwinkle/black lamp worked beads from Jen (blueseraphim) back in 2009 simply because they were awesome.  I had no idea what I was going to make with them.  I got the ceramic button from Kristie (artisanclay) as part of a giveaway and bought the leaves (mostly from Shannon of beadsandbabble) back in June.  Then I had to find periwinkle seed beads and figure out what else I wanted to use in the piece.  I'd been holding onto some of the other glass components that I included for quite a while, too.  It was way past time to use them!  And I finally put it all together this winter.  I know that this is a very winter-y piece.  I WILL list some of my lovely new green spring pieces soon.  But the colors in this piece can work for other seasons as well.

I actually made two versions.  As you can see, this second slightly shorter version is nearly identical to the one above.
I'm not planning to make any more like this, but it was neat using the leaf beads in a slightly different way than I usually do my leafy and rock garden series.


  1. I like the colors. I also like how the button reminds me of stone and it is nestled among the leaves:)

  2. You find such beautiful things to work with Rose! Great bracelets.

  3. Glad to hear that you had a good birthday, despite being sick!

    Cool new piece!

  4. I missed your birthday! Sorry :( Happy Birthday! I'm glad your feeling better :) And I love the new pieces!

  5. Thanks so much ladies! Erika, I especially love your thought about the button!

  6. great colors - I love blue! Hope you're feeling better.{:-D

  7. Thanks Deb! I'm not yet, but hopefully I will be soon. :)


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