Wednesday, March 9, 2011

voting for the March EBW Challenge

Voting for the March EBW Challenge Fashion Through the Ages starts today and goes through March 15!  You can vote at the EBW blog on the right side of the page.  Of course, I always want to encourage people to check out my entry (which is #6), but please check out all of the other entries as well.  There is so much talent in this group and so many unique, beautiful pieces.  They all deserve some attention.

Once again, this is my piece: Beaded Bangle Bracelet - A Material Girl's True Colors.

Marilyn (Starwaves) was very kind to include it in her EBW Fashion through the Ages - Part 1 treasury.  Thanks Marilyn!


  1. The bracelet is fun and has great colors. The treasury is filled with GORGEOUS items--how wonderful for you to be included with the other lovely things.

  2. I love that piece...the colors are great! Just went and voted :)

  3. Such a wonderfully vibrant color scheme. That bracelet has fantastic energy! Good luck in the challenge Rose.

  4. beautiful, beautiful bracelet! reminds me of the bright, happy colors of the Caribbean from which I just returned.

    (off to vote!)

  5. lots of people voting there! I put in one for you! {:-D


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