Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday feature: mix tapes

I hate to admit that I got inspired to put together this feature by an item that was on the front page of Etsy.  I hate all of Etsy's bias but sometimes they do put some neat things up there.  One of the items up a couple weeks ago was a mix tape item.  I have enjoyed making music mixes since I was about 14 and am still nostalgic about mix tapes.  Although making a music mix for anyone is always a sweet gesture, a mix CD is not an art form the way a mix tape is.  I did not give up making mix tapes until sometime in 2004.  I don't play them much anymore but I still have some in with my CD collection.

I firmly believe that all mixes should include a play list.  This seems like a given to me, but I've received a handful over the years that did not include them.  The poor Scotch tape is yellowing.  I actually like the August 2003 mix so much that I made a slightly shorter CD version and continue to give it to people once in a while.

Clearly I'm not the only person who's still a little nostalgic about them because there are a wide variety of mix tape items on Etsy.  Here are just a few of them.  Enjoy!

iPhone case 90's Retro Mix Cassette Tape Gadget Case - iPhone iTouch and more by Coolbeans717 (This whole shop is really cool.  It's probably just as well that the only Apple device I have is an old school iPod shuffle or I would really want something from the shop.  Though there are some other non-Apple items, too...)

The Mix Tape Evolved printed and applique TeeShirt by monsterinthecloset

Mixed Tape Gift Set by Alliecraft

100 Mix Tape of Love Save The Dates by myaugustpress

8x10 Mix Tape Personalized Art Print by SilhouetteBlue

I made you a mixed tape big kid necktie by butteredtoast

Mini Mixtape Charm Ring - Cassette - Retro - 80s - 90s - Adjustable - Silver by CsCharms


  1. What neat items. I hope we never forget the mix tape. It has a place in history.

  2. Looks like we had a similar taste in music back in the day :)

    Off to find a cassette player...

  3. wow - what a selection of items you found! I like the phone holder - so colorful - and I had to think there for a second! {:-D

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels/enjoys this piece of nostalgia. :)

  5. Even more awesome than making a mixed tape was waiting to record songs off of the radio on a tape. Hehe...did you ever do that too?

  6. so awesome!!! i love your story too!! i still have mix tapes too and have made playlists from them!!! gotta love it! thanks again for including my shirt! :)

  7. Haha Nancy, no...I've never listened to the radio very much. But I know people who did that!

    You're welcome again, Sarah! That's awesome. :)

  8. Guess I was out of the kewl loop on this subject. Just added new infomation into my brain. The one who has me walk across the entire house, only to forget why I went there in the first place!

  9. Thanks Theresa!

    Haha, that's okay, Re!

  10. that was fun! i remember the days of mix tapes. thanks for showing all those great items. i particularly like the baby items :)


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