Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday feature: random

Here's the March edition of my monthly random feature.  Enjoy!

This is such a creative idea!
Double Bunting Beadwoven Necklace by LaBellaJoya

I don't know if anyone else reading this watched this show (that ran on MTV in the late 90's-early new millennium), but Jake and I are still big fans of it.  It's finally available on DVD here.
Daria - 1 Inch Pinback Button by Buttonhead

Because I don't post enough duck items here.
2 pcs LE PAPERETTE - Fabric Rubber Ducks Decoration by LaPerLaA

I had to include one more beadwoven item (plus, of course, it also has triangles).
Beadwoven Peyote Triangle Bracelet in Matte Colors by MadeByKatarina

I love this color!
Handmade Coffee Mug Cozy Crocheted in Light Blue by MontanaDaisyGirl

I could feature something from Kristie's shop every week, but I try to limit myself.
Large Funky Ceramic Button in Blue and White Stripes Stoneware clay Handmade Ceramic by artisanclay

I have no idea how I ended up clicking over to this shop, but the prints are amazing!
Golden Days - An architectural photograph of downtown Chicago from the Chicago River with gold, creme, and crimson hues - Fine Art Photographic Print - 8x8 by TCaponePhoto


  1. Great items! LOVE the Daria button!

  2. Wow. Girlfriend, you have outdone yourself this week. I wouldn't even know where to start, trying to choose a favorite. Do I go with PRETTY! or USEFUL! or ORIGINAL! or...? See what I mean, lol?

  3. Loving that triangle bunting design!

  4. like that double strand - neat idea!

  5. WOW! I love that Photo of Chicago! Thanks for the kind words and featuring my work! You are awesome!

  6. I agree, Deb!

    You're very welcome, Kristie, and thank you in return! :)

  7. Great finds!! Thanks for sharing my coffee mug cozy! Love the daria button! :-)

  8. Thank you so much for including my print in your awesome blog and for the wonderful compliment! Such amazing selections!

  9. You're welcome Jennifer and Tracey! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  10. Thank you! I'm sorry I'm just now commenting, I haven't had access to a computer! This is great. Thanks! Off to share!

  11. Thanks Ilenia! You're welcome Marcie!

  12. as usual a great selection.
    Thank you so much for the fabri rubber duck my mother made. She will be very happy!
    Thank you!


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