Sunday, March 20, 2011

one more Milwaukee thing that can't wait

I can't BELIEVE that I didn't include this in my Milwaukee post yesterday.  Thankfully at least half a dozen people mentioned this event to me after they saw my post.  So here it is.

The Bead and Button Show is in Milwaukee!  I don't know if we'll be there early enough to go this year.  But if I can't go this year, I'll definitely try to make it in 2012.  I have lived in the midwest my whole life and have never been to this show.  Once I'm LIVING in Milwaukee, there will be absolutely no excuse left not to go.

I've also been very fortune to have been included in a few more treasuries this week.  Jen (walrustusk) included my Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Dagger Fringed - Blue in her I Want Ta Meetcha...Comment treasury with a whole bunch of gorgeous blue items.

rjdesignhut included my Beaded Bracelet - Petite Garden in her It's spring time! treasury.

Tonight I'm going to list my April EBW Challenge piece and the pattern that goes with it so stay tuned.


  1. Nice treasuries. I especially love the blue one, such gorgeous shades of blue.

  2. Oh that'd be a great reason to be in Milwaukee! Love the treasuries!

  3. beads AND buttons! Wow - right up you alley, so to speak! That will be a great opportunity! And you sure are in a lot of treasuries - congrats. I like the blue one... everything stands out so! {:-D

  4. That will be so fun to be so close to the show! I hope you get to go this year!
    Congrats on the treasuries :)

  5. Thanks Sharla, Deb, and Edi! The blue one is my favorite of this set, too. :) I'll let you know if the timing works out for Bead and Button...

  6. Lucky you, to live where the Bead & Button show is!

    And congratulations on the treasuries--they're beautiful, and your work is so distinctive it stands out and is recognizable in a flash. Love it. (And the new bracelet in your header, too!)

  7. Thank you so much, Ani! I'm definitely excited for Bead and Button. :)


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