Tuesday, March 8, 2011

starting new spring pieces

I have a couple new spring pieces in the works.  I have ideas for a few more as well, but this is what I have going on so far.

I laid out my next leafy bracelet, which will feature a lovely Lisa Peters ceramic leaf bead for the clasp.  I made one like this before for my spring 2010 Art Beads piece that sold at the Iowa Arts Festival before I could ever list it on Etsy.

I'll probably make another green rock garden bracelet after this while I still have all of those green leaves and seed beads out.

Over the weekend, I got my beads for my next EBW Challenge piece.  The theme is Spring Around the Corner.
It will be in this design with a brown base and all green fringe like plants just poking out of the ground.  I'm going to include some lighter green seed beads in the piece so it isn't too dark.  There are two challenges that I'll have for this piece.  Even though I've worked this design about a dozen times, I still haven't written the pattern.  (This is the one that I attempted recently but messed up partway through the process.)  I'm determined to get the pattern done so I can list it as the same time as the piece.  The other challenge will be that I'm using a metal clasp (the metal leaf clasp pictured above) for a beadwoven piece, which I don't usually do.  I'll include instructions in the pattern for both a metal clasp and a button clasp.


  1. The cup full of mixed beads is so pretty! I can already tell these will be beautiful pieces :)

  2. you are really! busy! The clasp is a nice touch. good luck with the challange! {:-D


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