Monday, December 22, 2008

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The feature about me is up. Thanks again so much, Linda! Please check it out here: .

Here is my blog readers offer that I was talking about earlier. I have made six Christmas bracelets this season. Four of them have been listed on Etsy since mid-late November. I just made the other two this past weekend. I know that's kind of crazy because we're way past time to list Christmas items on Etsy for this year. But now that Christmas is so close, I'm pretty excited about it and I couldn't resist haha. The deal is: I'm offering 20% off on any of the Christmas items to my blog readers only. ALSO, if you buy a Christmas bracelet and any other item from my Etsy shop, I will give the same 20% off for the Christmas item and free shipping on the entire order.

Here are pictures of all of the items available. I have listed the adjusted prices. I have linked all of the posted items to their Etsy pages. If you are interested in one of the non-posted items, please send me a message and I will list it as a reserved item for you.

Christmas right angle bangle - $25.60

Christmas button charm bracelet - $16.00

Christmas right angle bracelet - $32.00

Christmas button bracelet - $12.00

another Christmas right angle bangle - $25.60

skinny Christmas right angle bracelet - $12.80

Please let me know if you have any questions! :)


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