Friday, December 19, 2008

slow sales, purple and yellow

I finally wrapped up all of my sales. Unfortunately there haven't been any new ones. I'm trying not let it get me down. Hopefully there will be more soon, right?

I tried the button clasp idea that I was talking about a couple posts ago. Listings are going up soon! I also got on a purple kick and then a yellow kick this past week - so unlike me! I love pretty much all colors, but normally I favor turquoise, green, and red. I have my purple pieces listed:

Purple is so hard to photograph so the colors come out looking as rich as they do in person. The first picture shows the colors nicely, the second two don't really do the pieces justice. Hopefully they still give you a pretty good idea what they're like, though!

Yellow pieces and button clasp pieces will be coming soon. :)


  1. Very pretty! I agree that purple is VERY difficult to photograph. Most often it turns out looking blue when I try. I always wonder if it is a setting that I have wrong on my camera or if the lighting is wrong. Who the heck knows *smiles*

    I like the bracelet in the middle picture -- very pretty!!

  2. I've heard that about purple from a number of people so we're not alone at least. I haven't found any great tricks yet. I'll let you know if I do!

    Thank you!!

  3. Love your purple beauties. Of course, purple is my favorite color. I have trouble photographing most colors myself. I am glad I have a digital camera so that it doesn't cost me a fortune in film.

  4. Sorry about that. It was me that made that last comment. not Milly. I have been helping her and forget to change it sometimes.

  5. This is so irritating. I signed out of the other. Oh well, I will get it right eventually.

  6. Haha no prob! I am definitely grateful for digital photography. I can't imagine what I would spend on developing all of the photos that I use for Etsy listings/blog posts.


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