Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scarfmonsters decided to do a promo of a few other Etsy stores in her blog. I'm one of the shops featured! Go check out her Etsy shop and her blog. :)

I just posted this item in my shop today:

When I showed it to my mom over Thanksgiving break, she had the idea that you could also wear it twisted up.

Sarah finally bought her custom button necklace today. She decided to pay by check so I will send it out as soon as I get the check in the mail. My mom's thank you present button charm bracelet is going out in the mail tomorrow.

I am also sending out one of my button bracelets for a trade that I just did with KreatedbyKelly today. I actually found her shop through Scarfmonster's blog promo, and we decided to trade one of her button cuffs for one of my button bracelets. I can't wait to see the cuff in person! :)


  1. I totally just noticed this post! Thanks for menetioning my blog!


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