Saturday, April 10, 2010

Etsy listings redone

I completed a custom order almost a year ago in which not all of the items worked out due to size. I didn't get the returned items back until recently. Thankfully two out of four that were not the right size are items that I had already reworked in slightly larger sizes. (One of the other ones is an item that can be easily resized, which really only leaves one bigger project.) I redid the listings to reflect the change in items and retook photos for another popular piece as well. I'm very happy to almost have this order closed out (for the second time) and to have much better photos for these three pieces.

The first one is the fall gold right angle bracelet.

The second is one is the Valentine's Day button charm bracelet.

And the final one is the purple shell beads bracelet.


  1. that's a hard thing with bracelets and rings... most depend on size! Everyone loves the cuff I got from you! {:-D

  2. So true, and some are easier to size up or down than others! I'm so glad to hear that. :)

  3. You've been accomplishing a lot lately. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

  4. Great photos. Glad everything worked out :)

  5. Yes, great photos. The Valentine's bracelet is my fav, and I like you background. I can see why the earring cards Edi made for you will follow along with your theme. Awesome!


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