Thursday, April 15, 2010

first leaf earrings, leafy feature number 10

I listed my first pair of leaf earrings tonight! I will continue to make leafy bracelets, but I'm proud to offer leaf earrings now, too. I have a couple more that I'll be listing later month. Please click on the pictures to see this listing.

My husband was looking at some of my recent earring pictures this week and suggested that I use a music back drop behind the props so you don't see the carpet or the porch, depending on where I'm taking the pictures. Any thoughts?

I know that I did a leafy feature pretty recently, but I got such positive comments about it that I decided it would be okay to do another one with my first leaf earrings. Enjoy!

Handmade Zip Patchwork Pouch with Felt Leaves by TiLTcreations

EverLastingLeaves - Concrete Leaf - Umber Catalpa by EverLastingLeaves

Lime Green Vines Pottery focal button big oval by Mudcakes

Serena Earrings - Olivine by BellezzaJewelry

Dark Green Leaf Charm by Reillykins

green leaf necklace by annbooth9

Aspen Leaf Gourd Bowl by gourdsbydesign


  1. Pretty earrings :)
    I guess I've never noticed the porch or carpet or anything in the background of your photos, but I think the music keeps them all cohesive.

  2. Thanks Edi! :) I may give it a try sometime.


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