Sunday, April 25, 2010

more green for spring

I did not do any more gluing work or take any pictures today because it was colder again (by which I mean 50's), cloudy, and off and on rainy all day. Next weekend is looking the same, but hopefully there will be at least one or two days this week that will allow for either activity. I had to redo the original the leafy series - modern bracelet for the person who bought it, and while I had the beads out this weekend, I went ahead and worked up another one. I haven't worked on any leafy designs since I did the original modern one back in the winter, but this got me excited about the design again. I need to redo my own purple/pink one (which is my fault for twisting the beads). I'd like to make another version of that to sell as well as new versions in turquoise, pink/green, and autumn.

I also finished another pair of earrings, made progress on a cuff that I've been working up sloooowly for a couple months now haha, and got everything ready to start Sharla's bracelet!

I put together another collection of green, not specifically leafy items for spring. Enjoy!

Cards Park Trail watercolor landscape Mill by lauriesdesigns

Black Peyote on Pear Silk String Bracelet or Choker by SandFibers

Set of SIX TUMBLERS made from Recycled Wine Bottles by bottlehood

Landen Road Kiln Fired Clay 2 inch Button Set by LandenRoadDesigns

Continuing with the buttons...
Blades of grass on a spring morning Handmade Pottery by Mudcakes

Tree Silhouette Wrap LEATHER Cuff Brown Chartreuse by hollyhawk

And other cuff...
Triple strand fabric cuff in fresh green sprout by PonderandStitch


  1. Wow! These are all so lovely! I must think of something that needs buttons......

  2. Thanks! Haha I know what you mean!

  3. Don't know if it's the winter months that make me appreciate the spring green more this year or what? Really refreshing selections in this blog article.

  4. I hear ya! I've never been more excited about green in my life than I have been this year. Thanks!

  5. love the picks! The leafy series are so pretty - sitting down to work on something usually gets my blood rushing too {:-D

  6. We had lots of rain this weekend too1 I'm ready for the sun! Nice green finds :)

  7. Lucky you! Your blog posts get picked up by Lynn frequently. As always, they are worth looking at. Have a good week. We really needed the rain, and now the sun is shining!


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