Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ideas I've been pondering, random feature

I know that I mentioned this a while back, but I'm still considering the idea of sending out a newsletter for my Etsy shop. Although it would be great to do it year round, I could see starting it up in the summer when I have more time to get things going. If any of you do send out newsletters, please let me know if you have any advice!

I've also considered the idea of putting together patterns/tutorials for a few of my original jewelry designs like my right angle weave embellished button bracelets (see example) and my skinny fringed peyote cuffs (see example), including the wrapped version (see example). I would love to get feedback from anyone and everyone about this including your personal experience with creating patterns/tutorials and selling/marketing them and including whether or not you purchase items like this and if so, what you look for in them. I would also love feedback on whether or not you'd be interested in purchasing patterns/tutorial like this one from me and if so, what you would be looking for with it (pictures vs. drawings, price, etc.). Again, with summer coming up, I will have more time for projects like this.

I am certainly not discouraged with my jewelry sales, but I would like to do more that will hopefully boost interest (and sales) in my Etsy shop. These are the two biggest things I've been thinking about lately that I don't already do. If anyone has other suggestions for boosting Etsy shop interest, I'm open to hearing them!

And now onto the feature: newly favorited random items from Etsy that don't fit into any other category. I think that I've been craving color lately because there is a LOT of color in these seven pieces. Enjoy!

Triple strand cuff bracelet in retro ruler print
by PonderandStitch

Harlequin earrings by daxdesigns

SANCTUARY...Free Shipping by blueseraphim

Spring Sunburst Bracelet by dreambeadweaver

Unique Volcano Cuff - lapisbeach hand knit bracelet in red, black, and silver by lapisbeach

Dichroic Dangle Pendant by StickLizardDesigns

Spring Chickity (handmade buttons set of 5) by TessaAnn

And finally, one of the items from the random section of my own shop:
yellow and green stars charm bracelet


  1. Lots of pretty colors!

    I've considered a newsletter too. I'm always afraid I won't have enough to share each month!

    The nice thing about tutorials/patterns is that once the initial work is done, you can sell and relist and not have to "make" anything new.

  2. 1st - great picks :)

    As for the newsletter - I receive a few & they don't need to be long...actually, better if they are not. I know some come via Bravenet, so maybe check them out. The quarterly ones are good, with quickies for special sales too.

    Tutorials - I get those lots - pics with good descriptions are nice...and drawings only if it makes things easier to see. I like the real thing usually. I have seen a video one before - didn't care for it. I like t print them up & take with. One thing I notice missing from many that would be nice - an average "to make" price. I know prices for supplies vary, but I have had some that surprised me on just how much the supplies cost. Maybe that with notes on any "tools" needed in the description would be a nice heads up b4 ppl bought.

    okay - that was way long, sorry :P

  3. great pics! I know that some etsybloggers have been very successful with selling patterns online. I used to buy patterns from an online jewelry artist, and her instructions were very good. Suggestion: have someone else read it, to see if it's understandable. Another eye! Good luck with it. Newsletters, I don't know about, and I'd be curious myself. {:-d

  4. Like the newsletter idea. do a post on how you did it and what worked! I'm not much for tutorials, but others might be interested. I don't like looking at patterns from other designers in fear it will sway my designs too much.

  5. Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I will keep everyone updated. :)


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