Sunday, April 18, 2010

weekend happenings

Last night was the annual med school Frolics at Iowa. I got a picture of the sign this year.
Basically Frolics consists of 30-40 students from each class putting on a "skit" (which can include music, videos, etc.) about what their year of med school is like. It's one of the best events all year. Out of the 3 years that we've been, this show was the best yet. Good times.

In other non-jewelry related matters, Jake's desk chair broke this week. Target had a wonderful model on clearance so we ended up getting two new chairs. I took my old one to work (because believe it or not, the old one is much better than any chair I've ever had there). Yay for another upgrade to our living room! It would be nice if we enough room for a separate office space, but for now, this works well.

Our washing machine has been on its last legs for a couple months. I was hoping that it would make it until the summer, but it started smoking twice during a load on Friday. Thankfully I managed to get it to finish the current load (pictured below), but I'm not risking that again.
We bought a new one from Best Buy yesterday. They had a front load model in open stock that we got for a great price. It's small, but very efficient. We're having it delivered on Saturday so I won't have to take off work.

I spent most of this afternoon cleaning and getting stuff done around the condo, but I took a little time to work on some more button earring studs and button tacks. I also took pictures of a couple finished button studs and reshot a couple older pieces. I like spacing out my picture taking. I get burned out and my pictures get boring if I take too many at once.

I will be listing a coordinating button charm bracelet and earrings tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Frolics sounds like a lot of fun!
    New chairs and washing machines may not be glamorous, but they sure make life better!

  2. It definitely is! Yep, the joys of modern living. :)

  3. Oh gosh, I totally hear ya on the "it's better than any chair I have ever had there." Sometimes just having a chair is difficult to do *smiles* Yay for a new washing machine!!! When we moved in July, we splurged on a front loader & let me tell you -- the laundry gets done so much faster!!!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend :)
    Glad the washer didn't burn up! Scary!
    And glad you got a new one at a great price :)

  5. the washing machine was smoking! Would have liked to seen that! Like your "offices." I've always wanted one of those front loaders... maybe my machine will smoke too!

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies! We weren't planning to purchase a washing machine for this condo at all, let alone a front loader, but it should be nice for the time that we're here.

    The machine was not actually on fire. I found that out the first time that it started smoking, and I had to call the fire department haha. It still stinks the place up, though, and leaves me concerned that it won't be able to finish the load next time.

  7. Love the sound of the Frolics, and what a productive day you had!


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