Friday, April 16, 2010

sneak peak, a couple more retakes

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on newsletters and patterns/tutorials! I think that I will go ahead with both. I almost definitely won't have anything finished for either one until this summer, but I'll be sure to keep you updated on everything. Also, it's definitely not too late to provide feedback/insight if you haven't already!

Here's a work in progress shot of my newest earrings.

I'm sure that some of you recognize this color combination from my color explosion peyote cuff. I have a couple different made to order pendants in these colors as well that I'm planning to restock while I have these colors out again.

I reworked a couple more Etsy listings this week. The first one is monochromatic retro charm fringed peyote cuff.

The second one is silver links girly bracelet. The pictures are a little dark, but they're better than the overexposed ones that I had before.


  1. I look forward to your post on the EBW Forum weekly thread. Your earring cards are clever and suit your theme. Do you have any instruments to use as props for your display?

  2. Thanks Karen! I have a keyboard, clarinet, and flute. It would be interesting to try using one of them as a prop! If/when I do a craft fair/farmers' market, I'm planning to use fabric with music on it for my table.

  3. I need to retake soooo many of my photos! Think we can get them to add a few more hours to the day!!!

    The new earrings are cute :)

  4. I really like your music themes. The instrument props are a very interesting idea.

  5. Thanks Edi! :) They will look even cooler when they're finished.

    Thanks Margaret! I will let you know how it goes.


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