Wednesday, April 7, 2010

leafy feature number 9

I was pretty psyched to glue earring studs, tacks, and magnets tonight, but it's been 40 and rainy all day, which is not ideal weather for sitting on the porch. Thankfully the weather is supposed to clear up pretty soon so I should have other opportunities for that this week. Meanwhile I was stuck inside bead weaving tonight. What a tragedy, right?! :)

I've been trying to limit myself to once a month features for repeat themes like leaves so I don't burn anyone out on my current obsessions. This means that I have a ton of items saved up that I'm pretty excited to share here. Enjoy!

Hand Painted Wine Decanter by ClassOnGlass

Leaves and Swirls - Wide Peyote Bracelet / Cuff in Frosty Pale Pink and Matte Black (3152) by time2cre8

Fern with White Letter - OOAK Domino Pin, Vintage Paper by rainydayfix

Leaf Necklace in Green by surly

The Leaf Cuff (Reversible) Hand Painted Gold Leaf by OttavaStudios

mama bird's nest - Set - Customizable pearl nest, Handforged Fine Silver, Pink CZ by purelypaige

Nature's Garden (handmade buttons set of 6) by TessaAnn


  1. Who gets tired of leaves? I love them :)

  2. I never seem to get burnt out on your leafy finds :)
    You find such a great variety each time!

  3. I love leaves :) Show us as many as you'd like...these rock!

  4. Thank you so much everyone! I may do another leafy feature this month after all. :)

  5. I love using leaves and flowers in my work. I think it's because they're curvy and not always symmetrical.

  6. I've been doing more and more leafy, swirly designs lately. Thanks so much for including Leaves and Swirls in your collection! I just posted a link to my FB fan page. :-)


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