Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BBA Secret Santa reveal

One of the things that the BBA decided to do for the end of 2011 was a Secret Santa present exchange.  We could give handmade and/or store bought gifts totaling no more than $20.  Sharla did an excellent job with the logistics of this endeavor.  Thanks Sharla!  Everyone did an excellent job getting their gifts together and out on time so the whole process went very smoothly.

I was Santa for Karen of MysticWynd.  Karen loves Chai tea.  I ordered a bunch of tea from Tim of teaman for gifts this year, including some Chai tea for Karen.  For the Secret Santa package, I also included some Tazo Chai tea bags, as this has been one of my all-time favorite teas for about 7 years now.

Karen loves bookmarks and two of her favorite colors are purple and blue.  I created this set of reading bookmarks for her.  I used ribbon scraps left over from tying jewelry packages.  I covered the bookmarks with contact paper (which I still have a lot of left over from teaching) so they'll last a long time.  These were a lot of fun!  I may be making more of them in the future.

I also made Karen a little set of winter cards.  I included envelopes that are not pictured.  These were also a lot of fun to make.  I'm so glad that I'm working with paper again.

My Secret Santa was Sher of SherHastingsDesigns.  She ordered three sets of beads from Shannon of beadsandbabble that were in my favorites list on Etsy.  These will definitely go to good use in 2012!

Sher picked out this beautiful holiday picture frame.  We don't have any holiday frames so this will be a nice addition to our collection.

She also picked out a holiday scented candle for me.  It is VERY strong!  I have kept it closed in my craft storage/photography room and the smell is still very evident.  This may be one that I keep closed on the mantel or buffet and let it do its work like that.  I love the cinnamon scent in it and how it has little tiny "candies" on top.

I enjoyed making/selecting my Secret Santa gifts and am really happy about the gifts that I got in exchange.  Sher did an awesome job selecting items that fit my interests and preferences.  Everything was beautifully packaged, too.  Thank you Sher!  Thus far the team consensus has been very positive about the gift exchange so hopefully we'll do it again next year.

Check out the BBA blog this week to see what other team members received in the gift exchange!  If you are not already part of the BBA, hop over to the join section while you're there and think about becoming part of our team.  We'd love to have you!

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  1. Dear Rose, I am happy that you enjoyed your gifts and holiday. I wish you a happy, healthy and blessed New Year. Your friend, Catherine

  2. great presents coming and going. You are very talented working with paper as well as beads! I particularly like the holiday frame you got. And I see you have a new banner! Such a nice idea! {:-D

  3. So fun to get a package of goodies in the mail! Happy belated holidays! ;)

  4. Both of you got great presents! I forgot to take photos of what I sent. :)

  5. Glad you liked your gift! This was a fun thing to participate in. It would be fun to do it again next year.

  6. The Secret Santa was so much fun! Such lovely items sent both ways! I like the cool snowflakes you made to put on the cards.

  7. Looks like you had fun making your gifts. And your gifts received were fun too.

  8. What fun gifts! I love the cards you made and I love the beads Sheryl picked out!

  9. I liked the cards you made.

    And what great beads!

  10. It's gonna smell good around your house with that lovely candle! Nice gifts!


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