Monday, December 5, 2011

Scavanger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro!  Enjoy!

1) Portrait
Like many pet photos, this wasn't exactly what I planned because Angel didn't want to sit still for the camera, but that's okay.  I still love how this turned out.

2) Nostalgic
This is one of our engagement photos.  I'm not nostalgic about being engaged, planning a wedding, or living in a time when we had a lot certainty about where we were going with the next few years in our lives.  I'm actually nostalgic about my long hair.  I had long hair for about 20 years.  I started keeping it shorter 4 years ago.  Although I still love my hair, long or short, I'm also still waiting to feel like myself when I look the mirror.

3) Time
I got Jake this watch for his med school graduation in the spring.  It's a replica of a famous pocket watch that Abraham Lincoln owned.  Jake had never owned a nice watch before and he loves history so I thought this would be a good gift as he entered a new professional world.  He loves it.

4) Full of Light
We don't own a lot of Christmas ornaments (shocking, I know...don't most people have more than they know what to do with?), so we decorated our tree with a lot of lights and a new star this year.

5) Motion
Actually I just wanted to post a picture of myself because I feel like I didn't stop moving between my November and December shows.  But this was the culmination of most of my hard work this past month.  I'll share how everything went later this week.

Here's my shot for I Heart Macro.  I did my best to take at least a few shots of all of the new pieces that I made before Christmas in the Country for posterity.  This button bracelet design keeps doing well so I keep making more.

studio waterstone


  1. I love the picture of you and Jake AND the Christmas tree! You also macro'd one of my faves of your bracelets! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. Dear Rose, I have a lot of catching up to do with visiting and comments. Thank you for sharing. It is always fun to get to know each other. Blessings, Catherine xo

  3. Nicely done - I just grew mine out a few years ago after several years of keeping my hair short.

  4. You seemed way too young to be getting married--ugh, I don't want to look at my old photos--nothing is the same.

    Great photo of your bracelet.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  5. Love Angel's portrait :)
    I miss the thought of having long hair...but not washing, drying, brushing! I'm loving my shorter hair :)

  6. haha - Angel is very cute and I'm sure she looks exactly like SHE wanted to ;-) Beautiful picture of you and Jake =) I can see why your bracelet is a good seller - it's really pretty!

  7. All your choices this week are great. I love the pic of you and Jake, of angel and the watch the best.

  8. love your photos, thank you for sharing and that button bracelet is too cute.....

  9. I think that's a great pic of you and Jake. I say, grow your hair long again (before you kids!) Love your macros - great color! That's why they do so well! {:-D

  10. Angel is so pretty with her white whiskers! That's a great photo of you and Jake. I hate the way I look with short hair so I keep it longer even though it's a pain sometimes.

  11. What fun photos! a kitty portrait! ha ha! My kitties don't exactly cooperate when it comes to taking their portraits!
    cute engagement photo!

  12. Love your pictures! And I don't know HOW you connect all of those little buttons. Looks impossible to me. :)

  13. Great shots - love your macro!


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