Thursday, December 15, 2011

what I've been working on this week and a preview of my new wrap bracelet/necklace line

Here's my new listing for this week.
I sold a handful of these button bracelets at my final 2011 show.  It's a good thing that I'd made a few brand new ones, including this one, and have several more button sets ready to be made into new bracelets, too.  This one is available here.

I took a lot of pictures before my final show and am still editing and organizing them so I can get items that didn't sell up on Etsy.  Check out these beautiful pieces that did sell before they made it on Etsy.

I actually made two versions of the silver bells charm bracelet, both of which sold.  I also made two versions with gold bells, which did not sell.  I am rapidly running out of steam for Christmas listings this year so unless someone is dying to have one, I will wait until Christmas in July to list the gold.  As the silver is so popular, I will be bringing that back for 2012.

This week I've also been finalizing the last details for my new line of wrap bracelets/necklaces and the detachable charm listings.  I really appreciate everyone's feedback with this entire process!

There will be three different length options: single strand, double strand, and triple strand.  Prices will vary slightly depending on width, length, embellishments, and charms.  The general price range will be $22-$35 with a few higher end pieces anywhere from $40-$70.  No, I did not make all these this past week.  I have been working on herringbone pieces from time to time since the summer.

I'll also have a few three strand herringbone pieces.  Edi, yes, you were my inspiration for this color set!

Most pieces will include one charm, often something special like a large glass bead or lampwork focal.  I will have some with simple silver charms or no charms as well.

I've had a number of thoughts about my extra charm sets for quite a while and am now finally putting them all together.  I'm planning to release at least four charm sets within the first month and then keep adding more from there.  Yep, I did use regular paper instead of a card stock or scrap book paper for the third one and the glue did bleed the back a little.  This is a special one for a gift and will not be for sale.

Most charm sets will have one silver charm and one glass charm or other special focal.  I am trying to keep the listings as simple as possible.  However, all listings can be mixed and matched (i.e. one silver charm from one set, one glass charm from another), and I'm happy to do custom sets.  I'll have a BRIEF note about that in the listing to try to keep customers from getting too overwhelmed.  Some of my sets will include custom options, such as initials.  I have 17 ideas for charm sets right now and am open to suggestions, too.  As for an extra chain, the general consensus is that it can be listed separately so I will have a chain only listing.  It will have a jump ring attached to the end so that the charms can be easily attached.

Finally, I had a sudden inspiration that my giveaway piece for the January BBA giveaway should be a piece from my new line.  Of course I didn't have one ready for this so I got to work.
I will most likely be making another one in this color palette to add to my shop, too.

I used this post for Michelle's Delicately Constructed Friday 12/16/11 and Erika's It's a Wrap Link Party - 12/19/11.


  1. These are all marvelous! The herringbone is terrific and the jingle bell bracelet just made me smile...Good-O

  2. Hmmm...which one do I love most? That triple strand in MY COLORS rocks :)
    You've really done a great job of coming up with a plan for debuting these!
    Can't wait to see the fronts of the charms!

  3. holidays would be a great way of making the wraps special. Like red/white/blue in July. I'm sure you write something easy to understand. And I love your bells on the button bracelet. So many women would enjoy wearing that! {:-D

  4. Congratulations on your sales! I still love that first one the best but I also really like the second one! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. Those new herrigbone pieces are fabulous Rose! You sure have been so creative lately and I can't wait to see what all you list in the coming year!

  6. Esquisite! You have a beautiful "eye" with your creations. Lovely new line and very reasonable prices =) Hope they sell really well for you!

  7. I really like the three-strand herringbone one -- there are so many color combos to dream about! The Christmas one with the bells is cute too!

  8. Your creativity is exploding, Rose! How fun that we get an inside track to your new lines and creations!

  9. WOw, you've been busy (as usual!) I'm really loving the new line as your reveal more and more pieces. That 3 stranded piece (the Edi inspired one) is awesome. I want one when they come out!! (and hopefully by then I"ll have some money to burn too).

  10. You really have some gorgeous things. I just love the color combinations you use. I am a new Twitter follower visiting from Delicately Constructed Fridays. Vicky from Mess For Less

  11. I love the button bracelets! They're so fun!


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