Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Link List: the advertising edition

 Happy New Year's Eve!

Thus far I have not done a lot of paid advertising for my Etsy shop or blog.  I am planning to start doing more in 2012 and have been rounding up advertising links for a while.  I have mainly focused on blog advertising.  If anyone of you have had good (or bad) experiences advertising on any blogs (whether or not they are on this list) or any other sites, such as Craftopolis, Craftcult, etc., please share those experiences in the comments.

One of the ways that you can help me advertise is my purchasing from my Etsy shop and/or buying an advertising spot on my blog.  Those funds help me purchase ads.  An additional way to help me advertise is to trade an ad spot with me.  If you offer advertising on your blog and want to exchange ads, let me know.  I am always willing to consider this.

As I know there are at least a few other readers looking for new advertisement opportunities for the new year, I thought I'd share my advertising findings thus far.  There are many many blogs out there that offer advertising, but these are some of my favorites.  Also, many of them are aimed at crafting/DIY/handmade so they are a good fit for many of my readers.  The costs for these ad opportunities vary widely with everything from $1 per month to over $300 per month.  There is something for just about every budget.

I've linked the advertisement info for each blog.  Click the links to see prices and contact information.

See you in 2012!


  1. Hi Rose,

    I've had good results advertising on craftcult. And really bad experience as well as no results on indiebizchicks.
    Wishing you a fantastic new year!

  2. I'll be sure to stop back and see where others have had success.

    Thanks for the feedback on craftcult Duni :)

    I haven't done much advertising yet, but hope to do some in 2012!
    Etsy is offering a partnership with The Knot and I may try advertising with them since wedding stuff seems to be hot right now!

  3. Happy New Year! I also need to do some paid advertising for my blog. I am hoping to get new advertisers for my blog as well. That is one of my goal's for 2012. I am on a tight budget so I probably won't do much paid advertising. I am hoping by writing articles for other blogs, and hopefully selling to national publications might help increase my exposure. Sorry for rambling, but may 2012 be a great year for everyone with new opportunities.

  4. Dear Rose, I wish you a very Happy New Year. Lots of love and many blessings, Catherine xo

  5. Advertising is one of those things that I just never get around to doing. It'll be on my after April to-do list!

  6. Good luck! I hope you find something that is a great fit.

  7. I haven't done any advertising except Project Wonderful and EC, like many of us have already. Wishing you a Happy New Year! {:-D


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