Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Etsy Christmas wish list

The past few years I've put together an Etsy wish list for Christmas and birthday.  This is primarily for my and Jake's immediate families, although anyone who would like to get me a gift is welcome to use this list, too.  For those of you who like to shop on Etsy for yourselves or others, hopefully this will give you some good ideas.  Enjoy!

I have been considering getting one of Mollie's leaf stamps for a while now.  She recently released this awesome sampler pack with little versions of some of her most popular leaf stamps!  How awesome that you no longer have to choose.  I still really want this button stamp of hers, too.
Tiny Leaf Rubber Stamp Sampler by NoraJane

Lisa has been listing lots of new goodies this month!
Handmade RAKU Ceramic Buttons Set of 5 In Shades of Turquoise by LisaPetersArt

I love sugar scrubs, and peach is one of my favorite scents (and tastes).
Ginger Peach . Soap & Sugar Scrub . gift set with soap dish by DancingMooney

This would be another great charm/focal option for my new herringbone line.
Ceramic Daisies and Vines Porcelain Pendant in Blue by SummersStudioEtc

This would also make a great charm/focal.
Sea Glass Bottle, Genuine Sea Glass by BorealisSeaGlass

There are so many fun possibilities for these.
Ancient Blue Grotto Gear Links - Handmade Ceramic Beads by ktotten

I ordered a set of these before my final 2011 show and ran through nearly all of them.  If I don't get more for Christmas, I will be ordering a set myself in January.
100 Thumb Tacks - Push Pins for Covered Buttons from coverbuttoncity

I'm planning to start adding more cabochon embellishments to my magnets and tacks as well as my new rings and hair pins.
Very Autumn - 15 pcs Assorted Flower Cabochon Sampler Set from PrettyLovelies


  1. The pendant and the gears are great. I like the uniqueness of them.

    I hope you get what you want:)

  2. Oh, I like the flower cabochons...

  3. Those ceramic buttons and the leaf stamps are awesome! Hope you get all your wishes!

  4. Gorgeous collection Rose! Isn't it funny how our holiday wish lists always tend to be filled with supplies?!? I'm really digging those stamps. I've seen her shop around etsy and have really been wanting to get a stamp made for my packages. I'll have to look into it when I've got some extra cash!

  5. I like everything on your wish list! Those little stamps are cute!

  6. Great gift ideas. I love those buttons. They are too cute.

  7. Very fun wish list! Great idea to blog about it, too =)

  8. Wonderful items!
    I love those leaf stamps -cute!

  9. love all those ceramic buttons. And the stamps - wow, someone made them? I have some of those wooden stamps, but they don't have designs on them! Neat! {:-D

  10. Oh my! I love your loves, too!!
    I love rubber stamps and leaves. and all those other wonderful things!

  11. Thank you so much for featuring me here sweetie, I sincerely appreciate it! ;)


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