Tuesday, February 7, 2012

another edition of why I love my customers

If you're been reading my blog for a while, you know that "why I love my customer" posts come from my custom orders.  I love to sell in stock pieces that I created with my own ideas, but I love to make the designs that my customers have come to life, too.  Over the last few years, I have tried designs, color combinations, and more that I never would have otherwise because of my customers.  These last few orders were no exception.

Some of you know that I got a couple custom orders from open house guests before I even had the open house.  Before that happened, I had a request for a custom size of my red/pink rock garden bracelet.
I am so happy that my rock garden line continues to do well.  I've sold versions of the first four color combinations and just released the newest color combination: neutral this week.

The first custom order I got for the open house was for two color gradation button charm bracelets.


Isn't this a cool effect?  I love the result, especially the black and white one.  It is really tough to find black buttons, especially in unique sizes or with unique details, but I may try to make another one of these at some point.

I shared photos of the bracelets with the customer before the open house.  She loved them and asked if I made button earrings.  After showing her examples of a few different designs that I make, sure ordered 4 pairs!

I loved making stacked button post earrings and enjoyed using these new color combinations.

As I now included beads in the vast majority of my button charm bracelets, I decided that it was time to start using them in my button dangle earrings, too.

I included these earrings are as a freebie with her order.  Aren't these little buttons so sweet?

The second custom order that I got was from my brother's girlfriend.  Do you remember her Star Wars pendant?  She loves it and wanted several more to give to her friends before they see the new Star Wars 3D movie.  Don't tell George Lucas.
Normally I attach my glass pendants to lobster clasps so they can be interchanged with any of my wrap pieces, charm bracelets, etc., but she just wanted these as pendants on chains so I left them with just the bail.

I included a little freebie, too.
I'd been thinking about my Star Wars pendant again recently before this even happened and had been brainstorming other fun pendant ideas for her in the future.  She loves The X-Files so I went with it.  So much for future gift ideas, right?  That's okay.  When I made the first Star Wars pendant for her, I printed it on regular paper.  This time I upgraded to card stock.  The result was definitely better, but I may try photo paper sometime instead.  I don't know how it would do with the glaze, but I think that the clarity would be even better. 

Have you been working on any custom orders lately?

Stay tuned tomorrow for a wrap up of the open house and what else I did in Chicago over the weekend.

And in unrelated news...

Amy of CopperDiem is having an amazing 3 pound bead giveaway on her blog right now!  If you love beads as much as I do, go check it out.

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  1. These all turned out great...congrats! I love the idea for the graduating button bracelets! And the matching earrings are perfect...no wonder she ordered 4 pair :)
    Custom orders are so fun! The options are limitless with your glass pendants!

  2. awesome. I love those two tone bracelets. Gorgeous!!

  3. Wow, I agree those color gradient pieces turned out really nicely! I do love the black and white one best. So striking!

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  5. Everything turned out beautiful! I'm working on a custom order now that I'm struggling with but it's still fun working with new ideas.

  6. Your custom orders are wonderful! I like the dangly button earrings.
    Customers have given me ideas for some of my best designs.

  7. you are so smart with your jewelry, having pin earrings and those long dangles! Some people love dangles and they look real nice on. I love the color combos! {:-D

  8. Love the graduated colors. And, such cute buttons. You're lucky to have the custom orders.

    I LOVE the X Files pendants. I'm a huge fan.

  9. I love getting feedback from customers on custom items....they can sometimes show you design ideas you would have never thought of!

  10. Beautiful bracelets! Congrats on the custom orders! I have a very fun one, too, from a very special gal! =)


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