Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Tropical Destination...Don't you need one this time of year?

When I found out that the March EBW Challenge theme was Destinations, my mind immediately went to tropical destinations.  There are no specifications about the kind of destination that we can pick, but I decided to go with this instinct.

I did order a couple new delica colors for this project and re-ordered a couple colors I had very limited quantities of to ensure that I had enough for this project.  I paired this with some well stocked colors from my collection.  I can never decide whether it's tougher to put together a big palette like this than coordinates or pull 3-4 shades that coordinate perfectly.  Either way, I'm pleased with the way this came together.

I'm sure that it's a big surprise that I decided to make this part of my wrap bracelet/necklace line.  I admit that there isn't a lot of challenge to this design for me, but I am still really enjoying tubular herringbone so it was fun to make regardless.  It also fit with my continuing goal for 2012 to incorporate as many challenge pieces as possible into my current price range and existing product lines.

I mentioned this during my sneak peek post about this piece, but again, the charm is from Kristina of  BorealisSeaGlass.  She has an ever rotating collection of beautiful sea glass bottles like this in her shop.  When I bought this one, I bought one more so I'll have another on hand for a future project (as of right now, that project is TBA).  I have also since found out how widely available these little bottles are online and would like to purchase some to make my own pendants at some point.

I've had this beach charm set ready for a while and decided that this would be a good a time as any to release it in my Etsy shop.  I don't fully embrace the flip flop craze myself, but I thought that it would be a popular choice, as they still are so popular.  We'll see how it goes. I have nothing against flip flops...really.  I'm just not obsessed with them. 

The new wrap bracelet/necklace is now available in my Etsy shop here and the beach charm set is available here.  Voting for the March EBW Challenge will take place in early March.  I'll have more information about that right here on my blog when it gets closer.

What tropical destination would you choose?

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  1. To be honest, having lived in the Caribbean, I can skip the whole tropical destination thing...

  2. Love your bracelet/necklace! I would pick the Bahamas! :) Happy to hear you had a good weekend, Rose!

  3. Beautiful! I love that combination of beads. I agree- sometimes it would be nicer to limit your colors, but I think in this case, all of the colors you chose sort of gives it a feel of sand- you know how you find so many different shades in it.

  4. A tropical destination sounds so great right now! These colors are definitely spot on for one as well.

  5. Dear Rose, I think everyone could use a little R & R!!
    I think you did well using your instinct. Very pretty. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  6. I love all the colors, they work so well together. And I love that little bottle charm. Fantastic. And yes, a tropical vacation sounds fantastic this time of year.

  7. A tropical vacation sounds amazing right now! I'd go anywhere where the sun is shining right now!
    Of course Jesse wants to take a snowmobile trip! I guess I'll have to pretend the snow is a white sandy beach...LOL :)

  8. Love the way your necklace/bracelet turned out! As to a destination, Hawaii is tropical enough for me!

  9. That turned out beautiful! We're thinking of going to a tropical destination next year and it'll probably be Maui since I love it there!

  10. tropical destination is so pretty, with sun and sand and ocean colors! The little bottle is so cute, and people could even fill them up with places they go to! I love the Virgin Islands, but I've never been to Hawaii, so that is on my bucket list! {:-D

  11. I remember when you selected the beads for this project. It turned out beautifully, and the charm you selected (message in a bottle?) is perfect.

  12. Considering we had the warmest winter EVER here in Chicago, I'm not really feeling the need to hit the tropics yet. But a general vacation that's longer than a weekend would be nice. :-)

    The little bottle on the end of the bracelet is so cute!

  13. Love the color combo and that bottle is so perfect as a charm. I like the idea of filling it up with sand from one's favorite beach. I'd love to go back to Barbados!


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