Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Link List: the St. Patrick's Day edition

Welcome to another holiday edition of the link list!  I am trying to stay ahead of the holidays this year and already have a couple articles up for St. Patrick's Day.

Of course I have a St. Patrick's Day board over on Pinterest, too.  I pulled a lot of my initial pins there for these two articles, but I've been adding more pins ever since.  Here are a few of the additional, awesome links I've gathered.  Enjoy!

There are lots of great St. Patrick's Day printables out there.

I know that some of you are starting to recognize Jamie Brock's name by now.  As always, she's put together another great collection of craft ideas.

Dottie put together a great list of food and drink ideas (with recipes) for St. Patrick's Day.

For those of you who have kids or who work with kids, this is a fun craft project.

This is a great round up of St. Patrick's Day ideas.

There are not as many printable St. Patrick's Day papers as they are Valentine's Day papers, but there are still some good ones out there.  Search St. Patrick's Day over at WordPlay for more great St. Patrick's Day freebies.

This is a really cute kid lunch idea for St. Patrick's Day.

Again, you can check out the board for the complete set. Have fun with all of your St. Patrick's Day projects this year!

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Saturday Link List

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Saturday Link List

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  1. Love the wreath! I don't usualy do any decorating for St. Patty's Day, but this could be made in so many colors and used for all kinds of occasions!

  2. I love those tags in the first picture! Thanks for the link to the printable papers :)

  3. Dear Rose, How are you? Life is a little hectic and commenting and I have missed commenting.
    I enjoy all of the festivities of St. Patrick's Day. I do love Irish soda bread.
    Thank you for your visit and have a blessed and fun weekend. Catherine xo

  4. those "Kiss Me I'm Irish" from brown paper is so pretty! And if my mom ever set me up with a lunch like that, I'd be scared! *he-he* {:-D

  5. LOL at Deb's comment about the lunch! I like that wreath and printable scrapbook paper is a great idea! We're not Irish so I've never really did much for St. Patrick's Day except wear green! :)

  6. That's a lotta kisses! My Mommeh remembered just in time to order a St. Patrick's day dress for me.

  7. oh my gosh, Rose!! That lunch idea is so funny.. the girls would LOVE that.. but there is no way to trust that it wouldn't look like a big mess from being tossed around in their lunchbox.. maybe I can do that for dinner instead - lol! So cute!

  8. Great ideas! I'm loving that lunch idea:)


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