Wednesday, March 28, 2012

continued adventures with Mod Podge: a DIY wedding gift

Some of you may remember that I attended a bridal shower and bachelorette party earlier this month.  I was originally planning to give the couple one of Edi's custom engraved frames at the shower and make something later this spring for the wedding.  But I got inspired to get something made for the shower and will save the frame for the wedding.

Here we are with the couple back at our wedding.  Maks was in our wedding party, and Amanda was a huge help at the reception.  We've been friends with them for a long time now and felt like we needed give them some special wedding presents.

A few insights about this project:
  • I completed this before I made my coasters and had not yet learned how to keep the words from smearing.  The effect is pretty minimal and if you aren't a perfectionist like me, you won't even notice.
  • It's important to layer your paper and buttons in stages so that you can make touch ups as needed before adding more.
  • The buttons on the wreath added a lot.  I love having this dimensional effect.
  • It is really hard to apply Mod Podge evenly over the buttons.  It definitely requires some patience.
  • I have no idea why the canvas warped so much in the middle.  That is really my biggest frustration with this piece.  I glued the word mattes with scrapbook glue and applied thin layers of Mod Podge to adhere and seal them as you normally would.  Any insights on this would be appeciated.
  • I have made several projects with Mod Podge this month.  I know so many people who rave about it endlessly.  I am still not entirely sure that I'm convinced.  Am I the only one?  Maybe I just need more practice.
  • Aside from the basic wreath shape, I had no idea how I was going to put the words and buttons together for this until I had glued most of the wreath and am really happy how the final result came together.
  • Amanda was really pleased with it so that made me feel even better about the result.
I have not put together any more button wall art pieces yet, but I bought a bulk set of these 12x12 canvases.  I would like to add a few more similar pieces to my show inventory.  I love to make jewelry and don't have any problem getting sales at shows because my work is unique.  However, there is still the reality that there are simply more jewelry vendors than spots at most shows.  The more I can do to set myself apart, the better.  The button theme will obviously still tie in very well with my current inventory.

What designs, quotes, color combinations, etc. would you like to see for these kind of pieces?

I am happy to create custom work like this one, but I'd like to have some general ones people can purchase and take with them, too.


  1. That is a very sweet gift! I'm sure the lucky couple will treasure it, since it's handmade by you!

  2. Mod Podge can be kind of pain at first, but it's totally worth it once you figure out how much to apply at once. I always go with less and add more, and I try to use as wide of a foam brush as I can.

    I think something like this would be cool with clippings from magazines, done "ransom note" style.

  3. Dear Rose, I am sure that the happy couple will appreciate something made from the heart. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  4. Apply the Mod Podge over the entire canvas in small amounts first. You may have to back the back of the piece since it is so big and that 'inner' section is almost kind of hanging in space with not much to hold it taut. I did not have that problem with my canvas pieces so that might be something to try.

    Have fun with your next piece!

  5. Your canvas turned out great! Personalized gifts are always the best :) And handmade is even better...great job!
    These will be a great addition to your shows as well.

  6. Such a great and meaningful wedding gift! (and you look simply glowing in that photo!)

  7. That's a sweet gift! I use Mod Podge a lot but I don't like to put it all over things so I haven't had that problem yet. I have canvases that I will be decorating after tax season so I guess I'll be finding out!

  8. I love it, Rose! What a sweet and thoughtful gift from the heart!

  9. What a sweet gift and even nicer since it's hand made.
    I had a jar of mod podge sitting around for years and finally pulled it out one day to use it. I love that

  10. Rose, I think your project turned out great. The warping is minimal. Another product similar to ModPodge that I think yields better results is Golden Gel Medium. It comes in a wide range of finishes, and many collage artists swear by it. Yes, it's more expensive.

    Loved seeing the wedding photo of you, by the way!

  11. Haven't used ModPodge, so sorry, no help from me.
    It's a very lovely gift, and one your friends will treasure.
    color combinations: colors of the wedding would be cool.


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