Wednesday, March 7, 2012

drying racks revisited...even more options!

At the end of January, I posted about my new art drying rack idea that I got from Pinterest.
I am still really happy with my dish drainer drying racks and would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive drying rack solution.

However, in the comments section of my original post, a few people suggested other great simple inexpensive ideas that I wanted to share here.

Cookie Sheets
I can't believe that I didn't think of this when I was originally brainstorming ideas for my cards because I already use cookie sheets for a lot of my gluing.
There is no reason that cookie sheets wouldn't work well for greeting cards.  I think that it just didn't occur to me because I was looking for something more compact that I could store right on the floor next to my card making table.  For those of you who are interested in this idea, I purchased my cookie sheets from Wal-Mart.  I bought a couple super cheap sets of 3.  Almost two years later, they're still in great shape.

Filing Systems
There are several different small filing systems that can be used as drying racks.  This is one of the cheapest options that I could find.  Click on the photo to go to the product listing.

This is another good option.  It's more expensive, but you may be able to rig up something similar yourself.

I inherited a filing system very similar to the first one with a used filing cabinet that my mom scored for me at a church rummage sale.  If you go thrifting often and are in need of one of these systems, keep your eyes open.

Other Tutorials and Ideas
These were the two ideas that I got from my last post, but I got inspired to see what else was out there, too.

Why not use old CD/DVD storage systems for your drying racks?  Genius!  I donated mine when I got a new storage system back in Iowa, but I know that there are still lots of people who have them around and aren't using them for anything else.

This tutorial shows you how to add pegboard and dowels to a wire rack to turn it into a drying rack.

While I was searching for art drying racks, I came across a number of clothes drying rack tutorials.  Here are two of the best ones.

You have to love the little kitty helper here.

This is a great solution for anyone who has a smaller laundry room or laundry area of the house.

Do you use a drying rack for your art creation process?  Share your ideas and thoughts about what does and doesn't work well.


  1. The rack for drying your cards is a clever idea! Wouldn't have thought of it!

  2. Oh my goodness that is brilliant! way to go :)

    <3 Jess

  3. Great solutions Rose! It's nice that your commenters gave you so many other great ideas. I'm really loving that last clothes drying rack idea- ours is clunky and ek.

  4. Thanks, Rose! Fantastic ideas! I love the DIY Laundry Room Drying Rack. The colors are so pretty :)

  5. Oh many great ideas here. You could even combine the cookie sheets with the Office Depot rack for even more options! And I love the DVD idea...we have tons of those sitting around!

  6. Wonderful! More ideas on how to display my cards for art bazaar! Thanks for sharing, Rose!

  7. I can't wait to have time to get crafty again so I can use some of your ideas! Thanks for putting them all together Rose!

  8. I like the additional drying rack ideas! Here's another: Use a pot lid rack.

  9. Love that fold out rack at the end. I could use something like that in my small laundry area.

  10. I like that laundry drying rack! Anything that saves space is great for me. And the CD holder - great for smaller things! Most of my artwork is in books, so I don't really need the racks! {:-D

  11. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing these. Need to check out some of the drying rack ideas =)

  12. Great post!

    I do not have a drying rack, but perhaps I should! Right now my method is to just place a piece to dry somewhere out of the way of my cat ;)


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