Monday, March 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro!  Enjoy!

1) Routine
Most of my daily routine consists of writing, networking, and promoting, which isn't very interesting to photograph, but I do my best to find at least 20-30 minutes (usually more than that) for some sort of non-computer related creative outlet every day.

2) Music
I am super excited to have this photo in this week's hunt.  I wasn't able to get this photograph for the shiny OR gold themes, but I knew that there would be another opportunity to include it in the hunt.  Music worked out perfectly.

3) Technology
I discovered a while back that my iPod shuffle works with my car tape adapter.  However, I forgot to charge my iPod before my trip to Chicago last month and had no CDs in the car.  On a whim, I decided to see if my Blackberry would work with it.  It totally does.  I love it when new technology can be used with old technology.  For those of you who are like me and have an old car without an MP3 hook up but still have one of those tape adapters, give this a try with your smartphone or MP3 player.

4) Show Me Your Style
I get cold extremely easily, so I'm almost always layering a cardigan with whatever I'm wearing, even at home.

5) Mismatch
Do you ever have one good sock and one sock with a big hole in it?  I hate to throw out that single sock so sometimes I pair the old singles.  Most of my socks are not white so I end up with pairs that look like this.

Check out Ashley's blog to see what other people submitted for the themes this week.

Here's my shot for I Heart Macro.
I got my March Bead Trends submission piece in the mail with the new magazines this past week.

studio waterstone

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  1. Love the mismatched socks!

  2. Haha...I remember the old tape adapters for CD players :) That's cool that it works with your iPod and Blackberry!
    Cute socks :)
    And congrats on another feature in Bead Trends!!!

  3. I haven't played the handbells in years - that brought back memories.

  4. I love the mismatched socks! What a fun idea!

  5. I love one and two the very best. You do very nice photography.

    I get cold very easily too. I just hate it too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. I do the mismatched sock thing all the time! Except mine is because only one from each pair will make it into the washing machine. My bad.

  7. I have so many mismatched socks! According to Jerry Seinfeld, any kind of socks can be worn together as long as they have matching thickness :D

  8. I love the idea of mismatched socks - especially argyle.

  9. The photo of the bells is great. It is not often but I like it when our church plays the bells during service. How great that you can play.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  10. I'm laughing at your sock picture!! I do that with my workout socks- which wouldn't really matter except that I've got patterned ones too.

  11. My daughter used to play bells in church, great idea for music. And those socks, I would so totally wear them :)

  12. great macro - like I said before. I never mismatch socks, and I always wear some kind of sweater with my sleeveless shirts at work. That's my style! Love your chimes - so neat! {:-D

  13. Mismatched Socks is a fun idea!
    I think I'm going to try it:)

  14. Great photos, I really love those socks! :)

  15. Now I'll be singing Bad Romance all night long! I love Lady Gaga especially while working out! I'm actually wearing one pink and one blue sock today. The match for each had a whole in the bottom so I threw the hole-y ones out and have a new mismatched pair!

  16. LOVE the technology idea! I wish I still had a cassette deck so I could try it. NICE! I'm always cold too so it's rare that I don't have a cardigan on also. Great pics. Love your macro shot too!

  17. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  18. Funny I should be reading this post at this very minute. My husband walked up to me about 3 minutes ago and informed me that I mis-matched two pair of his socks last night! Oh well, he'll get over it.

  19. I love your March Bead Trends photo! The detail on the beads and texture of the grey felt is amazing!

  20. Clever Blackberry solution! And I love those socks, too. If you hadn't mentioned they did not match and wore them, I probably would not even notice. LOL!

  21. What a fun post! I love all your photos and commentary!


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