Tuesday, August 21, 2012

another edition of why I love my customers

Welcome to another edition of why I love my customers! One reason that I love to do custom orders is that they often get me to try something that I wouldn't have tried on my own. This recent custom order was no exception.

A fellow HubPages writer loves this design and wondered if I could make it with wooden beads and music note charms. It took a little bit of hunting to find wooden beads in blue that were a good size for this design, but I did. She also decided that she wanted a wrap style instead of a single strand.

This is what it looks like when it isn't wrapped.  It's long enough that it can be worn as a short necklace.

I was worried that the music notes would be too large for this design.  I usually use these charms, which are considerably smaller, but my usual source was sold out and this was the best alternative that I could find.  I think that it worked out just fine, though. I almost never work in a truly monochromatic palette, and the single blue paired with the silver is great.  Best of all, the recipient is really happy with the piece.  She'll be giving it as a gift so hopefully the final recipient will enjoy it, too.

I made a single strand version to list on Etsy.  Click on the photos to check out the listing.

As always, I can customize the size, charms, bead color, etc.

I may have to order some more wooden beads so I can experiment with this design in other color palettes.  For now, I'm working on a bunch of other blue charm bracelet designs in with my standard glass bead mixes.

Have you been working on any neat custom orders lately?

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  1. That's a unique piece, Rose! I love the music note charms :)

  2. Dear Rose, Very nice and sophisticated color combo. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  3. What a great idea! Looks like it could be made in all sorts of combitnations. How pretty =)

  4. The wooden beads look great! These are definitely a good idea to use in other designs!

  5. That piece turned out beautiful! I like the musical notes you found too!

  6. I love the wooden beads! I've used them before with my paper beads and the colors you can find are great! The wrap is a good idea - never did that with any of my jewelry... {:-D

  7. I saw this in your shop yesterday and was really admiring it (it's in my WW post for today). I really do love the single color sometimes- it works really well here because the beads have a bit of texture to them being made out of wood. Great design!

  8. The music notes are very cool. I suspect you'll be making a few of those!

  9. Very cool piece! I love the color and the musical notes. I am sure when you add those to your shop they will be great sellers.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. You definitely should experiment in other colors1 This is a great design!

  11. I love how the bracelet turned out. The blue beads look a little bit like whole notes, so they're perfect, paired with the silver notes!


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