Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UFO update

For those who were curious about my mystery subject in yesterday's Scavenger Hunt post, it's a piece of playground equipment.  Some of you had great guesses!

Do you remember my update back in January about my UFOs?  Probably not.  That's okay.  You can check out that post right here.  I decided that I would make it one of my unofficial goals to finish or at least make some significant progress on a few major UFOs.  Nope, I'm not talking about flying saucers.  I'm talking about my unfinished craft projects.  It's really rare that I let them happen, but a few of them sneak in from time to time.  Here's how it's going.

To re-cap: I started this back in 2008 right before I got serious about my jewelry making.  I'd been doing cross-stitch almost exclusively for the better part of 5 years and was ready for a little break.  I've finally gotten to the point that I'm ready to devote more time to this again.  I'd said in January that I didn't think I'd finish before 2013 even if I worked on it every week.  I am making progress with it, but that timeline still stands.  At this point, I'm hoping to finish it by the end of 2013, although that is subject to change at any time.

I made this Christmas button tree back in 2010.

I bought and covered another tree when I made this one, intending for it to be fall tree, and then I didn't do anything else with it, even though I had all of the buttons for it.  I'm proud to say that this spring, I did get it nearly finished.

I made the leaves out of felt left over from my flower project.  I painted them with a gold acrylic.  You can see how my Christmas tree has a beautiful topper.  I'd like to find something for this fall tree.  Now that we're moving into fall, I'm hoping that I'll find something or spot a good tutorial.

I started my latest PDF pattern sometime last fall.
Originally I planned to have it finished before Christmas, but it got lost in the shuffle during all of my shows and other holiday stuff.  I completely lost my momentum on it and haven't finished it up yet.  I said in my January post that I'd like to get it listed by early March.  Obviously that didn't happen.

I don't think that it'll take more than a few hours to complete it, but you know how these things go...I've lost track of where I am with editing photos and what sections I have left to write so it'll take a bit to get back in the writing groove.  It would really benefit my shop to have a new pattern, and I've put a lot work into it so I will get this done at some point, but I don't have a set deadline at this time.

I know that many of you have UFOs!  Share your stories.

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  1. I remember your trees very well - love them!
    I would never have guessed the pic from your previous post was playground equipment (probably because I never go there)!
    Awesome cross-stitch piece!

  2. I have SO many UFOs! Unfinished paintings, sewing projects started, photos to sort through....seeing you work on yours is certainly inspiring though!

  3. You've made good progress on that fall tree! I have a UFO from one of our challenges still left to finish but other than that the projects are just in my head since it bothers me so much to leave things undone.

  4. Yea...I hear ya! I've got so many things that are unfinished but I just can't stand the thought of starting again cause I'm so lost on where I left off! Good luck:)

  5. Ooh, your wizard UFO is quite magical! And oh dear, I am ever so late in finishing my White Rabbit ACEO.

  6. I Love the Button tree! What a creative idea!

  7. Oh I like your button tress. Very nice

  8. Your cross stitch is coming along nicely. And I hope you get your tutorial finished soon as it will be great for your shop!
    I'm not even sure where all of my UFOs are located...LOL! There are too many to count!

  9. I used to do counted cross stitch for many years before I found jewelry, too! Well, knitting and weaving... My UFO pile consists of a counted cross stitch piece (which come to think of it I'd love to finish!)

    I used to be horrible when I was in my youth and 20's - always starting and stopping projects. When I got married I decided for the sanity of my husband I would finish everything I started or otherwise dispose of it. It's worked! And I don't have the guilt of a closet full of UFOs!

  10. I did cross stitch too. Not good for a perfectionist, when you find a mistake many rows back! Congrats. on persevering ahead! {:-D

  11. Rose, the cross stitch piece looks beautiful, even though you're not done with it yet! I'm embarrassed to say how many UFOs I have...maybe we'd better not go there, LOL.

  12. Oh, my... yep, UFOs here, too. *blushes* Too many to list! LOL

  13. Hi Rose! Those trees are awesome.. I have had some blog reading catch up to do.. I have been largely absent, you may have noticed. But I think summer does that to a lot, so I am sure I am not alone - but I miss you and hope you are great!

    My question is - Do you, or will you, put those trees in your Etsy Shop? I don't think I saw any when I was in your shop last. I think they would go wonderful with your shop - look cohesive, and, if you enjoy making them enough, might be a great holiday edition, or anytime edition for that matter, to your shop. A home decor line.
    Just wondering. I think they are fabulous as I do all of your work.


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