Thursday, August 2, 2012

Get It Together Thursday: Yellow and Orange Button Embellished Bracelet

I'm joining up with Janet of HoneyFromTheBee again to bring you a fashion board for one of my newly listed pieces.

This piece is available here.  Here is what I put together to go with it.

I always go to Zoe's shop first when I'm looking for clothing picks.  It rarely disappoints.  I didn't want to overwhelm the yellow and orange with a lot of other bright colors so I started here with a teal blue skirt.

I went searching for a white sleeveless top to pair with the skirt, and this is what I found.  I'm a huge fan of polka dots so of course I love the subtle polka dots here.

I know that I should branch out more, but I headed right to Madelynn's shop to pick out some earrings.  I know that the green is a bit of an odd choice with the bracelet, but they're far enough away the wrist that I think it works.

For the shoes, I went with a classic pair of Steve Madden sandals.  Don't let the heels throw you.  Steve Madden shoes are comfortable, even with heels.

I am really picky about bags so this was actually the hardest selection.  I usually put in general search terms and then just browse until the right one jumps out at me, which is what ended up happening this time.  Isn't this green bag sweet?

I didn't want to pair a necklace with the sleeveless top collar so I picked out some owl buttons instead.  You could put one on the collar and then put a couple more on the bag.

What do you like to pair with orange and yellow?


  1. Dear Rose, I suppose it depends on what mood you are in. White goes nicely, black for a bold look. blue is soft or a standard of off while or a sand color. Have a great day dear and blessings, Catherine xo

  2. I use a lot of yellow in my home - in the last 6 months I've had 2 homes painted Banana Cream with bright white trim - so refreshing and clean. It matched up perfectly with my existing chocolate and/or espresso furniture.

    And that said, if I were wearing yellow and orange I would again pair it with something dark - I tend to stay away from black recently (a big change from years of all black attire).

    When I first started living on my own orange was the color I loved best - my dishes and other kitchen items were orange - I still have the colander I bought way back then, oh some 45 years ago LOL

  3. Hi Rose,
    I must admit I haven't tried orange and yellow together before. As you know I love yellow with pink. I guess I would pair orange with brown...I know, very 70s ;-)

  4. A lovely bracelet! Stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

  5. I love the orange with the teal! That purse is adorable. Our school colors were orange and royal blue so i can't help think about that when I see orange. Not sure that's real fashionable though.

    Thank you for linking up! I'm sitting in a lodge in northern BC while hubby is out with his friend fishing for salmon and halibut. I did my bit yesterday afternoon by catching 2 chinooks!

  6. Cute! I love that attitude- statement jewelry taking a main stage to the outfit. Orange & yellow aren't colors I wear all that much, but if I did, I think i'd go with white, tans, & light blue.

  7. Love the shirt/skirt/shoes combo...they'd be perfect with your bracelet. I I love the idea of adding those buttons to the purse!

  8. Well I like all your choices. I'm very bad at putting things together which could explain why I wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts :)

  9. I like the bag. I would like it with something blue.

  10. I love orange and yellow. I think they look great together. It makes me think of a bowl of lemons and oranges. I think of citrus! The bracelet is adorable.

  11. cute clothes. I think blues, esp. denim, goes well with bright colors like yellow and orange! {:-D

  12. I really like that bag! That bracelet would look good with black too since I wear black pretty much every day. :)

  13. I don't think I've ever worn orange except for things with the Bears logo on them, but yellow I always pair with neutrals. Lately it's been camel brown!

    That bracelet is cute. I like the row of beads right behind the buttons, it's a nice detail.

  14. I do love the sweet purse, but I don't where much bright yellow. I don't know why. It's nice!

  15. wonderful grouping! Your bracelet is stunning and bright! Of course, I like most anything owl. And the bag is very pretty.


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